UNAM offers FREE NURSING course

UNAM offers FREE NURSING course


The healing of wounds It is something that we have all had to face at least once in our lives. Whether it’s from a burn, a diabetic foot wounda cut or a scratch, healing is something we need to be able to recover from whatever type of injury we have suffered.

When you have to heal a wound, whether it is an advanced healing or a regular one, part of the process includes cleaning the wound and the area where it is located, in order to prevent it from acquiring an infection.

Cleaning a wound is important regardless of the type of injury, but in chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers, the frequency of your cleaning plays an important role in your recovery.

In advanced healing, it is called surgical debridement or grooming the removal or excision of dead or infected tissue in order to improve the health of the remaining tissue. It is the regularity with which this process is carried out that can make the difference in the healing of a wound.


It’s known that healing time varies depending on the type of woundbut it has been observed in various studies that this time speeds up as the frequency of debridement is greater.

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the times of wound recovery by ulcers or of traumatic origin can be drastically reduced by the mere fact of increasing the frequency of cleaning.

An increase in the frequency of cleaning a woundadded to a regular control of it, are important to guarantee an effective result after a advanced healing.

In the case of a diabetic person, poor wound care and infrequent debridement can lead to the development of gangrene and forced amputation.

It is due to all this that it is important to go to the best professionals when it comes to your health or to acquire the nursing course.

UNAM offers FREE NURSING course

If you are interested in obtaining basic nursing knowledge regarding wound care, the following course will be very useful:

The course “Wound care in the hospital setting” is hosted on the Coursera platform Y is offered by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) under the modality “at your own pace” and has a duration of approximately 10 hours. This course is designed with the objective that the participant has up-to-date and effective knowledge.

Under the instruction of the nurse Catherine Santa Romero, Master in Stoma and Burn Wound Therapy from the Universidad Panamericana. The topics are structured in the following modules that will be studied over four weeks:

  • Week 1. Injury overview.
  • week 2 Assessment of the wounded patient.
  • Week 3. Wound patient care
  • week 4 Care of the most frequent wounds

Finally, it is important to mention that you can take the course for free, without a certificate or make a payment on its platform, where a verified certificate with curricular value is provided. If you do not have an account, you must create a user.

Link to the course: you can register by entering Wound care in the hospital setting

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