Ugly Sonic will appear in the Chip & Dale movie

Ugly Sonic will appear in the Chip & Dale movie

One of the greatest successes by paramount was to make the change in his original design for the first movie of Sonic, because it had semi-human features that the audience did not quite like. And although it seems a bit strange, some fans wanted to see this hedgehog make it to the version, something that could soon be fulfilled through a cameo.

The first reviews of the new film from Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers They have already begun to emerge, and with it some specific comments from the characters that were included to bring that world to life. Among all the personalities, one that stood out for the critics was that of the ugly Sonic, who unexpectedly makes a reference in the adaptation.

It is definitely strange that a character who carries the rights of paramount appear on tape Disneybut there may be a justification, since Chip & Dale seeks to pay tribute to animation in general. That means, it would not be surprising to see old acquaintances like himself bugs bunnywho made an appearance on tapes like Roger Rabbit.


On topics related to great crossovers. The first trailer has already been released multiverse with different languages ​​available, and it was also stated that there will be an open beta in mid-2022. If you want to take a look at it, we invite you to click on the following linkwhere you will also meet the cast of available characters.

The film opens on May 20th in Disney Plus.

Via: gonintendo