A couple of days ago it was revealed what Ubisoft +, the subscription service of the French company, will come to Xbox consoles. Although this announcement surprised more than one, the details were scarce, and some people still have doubts about this implementation. One of the most important questions finally has an answer, and Ubisoft + has been confirmed not to be available on PlayStation consoles.

After announcing the arrival of the service to Xbox consoles, Push Square contacted Ubisoft to clarify the possible launch of this service to the PlayStation platforms. Regrettably, There are currently no plans to see Ubisoft + on PS4 and PS5. This also means that Rainbow Six: Extraction, which will be available day one in Game Pass, can only be obtained at full price on these consoles.

While this is bad news, Ubisoft does not rule out the possibility that its subscription service will be available on PS4 and PS5 in the future, but for the moment this will not be the case. Ubisoft + is currently available to gamers on PC and platforms such as Stadia and Luna, offering access to more than 100 games and DLC from the French company.

In related topics, it has also been revealed that Ubisoft + will not be part of Game Pass. Similarly, PlayStation is already working on an answer for its competitor’s service.


Editor’s Note:

While it is a disappointment that Ubisoft + is not available on PlayStation consoles, this decision makes sense when we take into account that PS Now, the equivalent of Game Pass, is not available to users around the world, something that surely would have happened. with Ubisoft +.

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Ubisoft + not coming to PlayStation consoles

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