Ubisoft + added to Game Pass; Rainbow Six Extraction will be available from launch

Ubisoft + added to Game Pass;  Rainbow Six Extraction will be available from launch

It is one of the most anticipated games by Ubisoft users.

The success of the Xbox Game Pass (PC Game Pass in the case of the version for this same platform) is an undeniable success, since throughout these years it has not only been possible to see how it has more and more acceptance among the community, but also, the number of users is increasing. And it is that, knowing all this, Phil Spencer has already confirmed that this service is profitable. And perhaps this is why you want to go further.

And if this morning we woke up with the surprise announcement of PlayStation VR2, now it is Microsoft’s turn to hit the table, since just a few minutes ago it was announced that Ubisoft + will be added to Xbox Game Pass. In fact, this announcement has been made in style, since Rainbow Six Extraction has been confirmed to be available on the service from launch. You can see this in the following tweet:

It should be noted that these collaboration has been a surprise, since hardly anything has been heard about it. However, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Microsoft wants to expand this service through collaborations with other companies, since in the past it has been possible to see how EA Play has also joined the Game Pass.

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A collaboration between Ubisoft and Microsoft that is followed by the one they already have with EA

However, what is surprising about this is that This announcement comes with the already announced launch of Rainbow Six Extraction on the service, which may be one of Ubisoft’s big bets for this year and which will hit stores and Game Pass in just a few weeks.

Time will tell how this collaboration ends up working. Of course, it is still to be clarified how long will the game be, although this is a piece of information that we may find out the month they are going to withdraw it. Also, to this we must add that we already know the games that will arrive and will leave Xbox Game Pass in January 2021, so if you are interested in some of these, do not miss the opportunity both of playing them once they are there and of taking advantage of every second before they are removed.

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