Uber teaches road culture class with messages; passenger applauds her performance

Uber teaches road culture class with messages;  passenger applauds her performance

Uber has cared to send a few messages and teach a little about culture vial, a fact that praised the brand before the perception of a passenger.

The evolution of technologies has allowed brands from different industries to develop effectively before the new digital consumer, who can access a wide variety of services from the comfort of their smartphone or other types of channels. Among the companies that operate in the market digital and demonstrated their importance during times of pandemic, there are some of transport that have managed to stand out above the others due to the service efficiency they offer compared to other more traditional means, such as taxis; among them are Didi, Uber, Cabify Y Beat, among other.

According to the study of Statista where it shows the use of mobility apps in the world, 51 percent of the Chinese population mentions having purchased this type of services at least once, as well as 38 percent of the population of Russia, 35 percent of Spain, 35 percent of the United States and the 33 percent from Brazil, among others.

Are platforms from transport They have achieved an effective positioning in the consumer, not only because of the efficiency of their services, but also because of the marketing strategies they choose to implement, where they use their presence on users’ devices to their advantage.

A user has shared her experience on social networks, where when requesting a transportation service from Uber, she receives a notification on her smartphone and her smart watch about a small but important road culture class, where they remind her to look before opening the door, since they are close to a bicycle lane, a fact that has “enchanted “To the passenger.

Although this small detail could become irrelevant or annoying for some users who are constantly deleting this type of updates or notices from an endless number of brands, this act where Uber gives a road culture advice shows a high importance, since that could prevent a possible accident that could have been caused by a “mistake”.

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Although it is essential to offer a good product or service to customers so that they choose to choose brands again, they have an opportunity to further improve the experience and perception of users, by sending some simple and creative messages , depending on the objectives of the companies.

Although constantly sending some of these messages to users’ mobile phones can provide a good opportunity to achieve better engagement with brands, a completely different situation than expected may occur if we abuse this strategy.

Last December 28 was April Fools’ Day, where the renowned employee of Send Flowers sent a message to the emails and smartphones of her clients, where she mentions that she was fired, a fact that even managed to bring relief to thousands of people. , since it is constantly invading their inboxes, becoming somewhat annoying for some users.