Two years after being champion, 9z returns to the Master Flow League: all his way in the LVP so far

Two years after being champion, 9z returns to the Master Flow League: all his way in the LVP so far

With a championship and two other finals disputed, the prodigal son of the Master Flow League returns home. Learn about the history of 9z in the competition!

Speculation is over, the return of one of the great historical organizations of the Master Flow League it is a fact. This 2022 the highest category of League of Legends will have again 9z Team between their names after a year of absence.

The story of The Violet on the Master Flow League It was marked by ambition, passion and a hitherto unattainable goal. The organization founded and always linked to the streamer Francisco “Frankkaster ”Postiglione had its debut season in 2019 with a clear goal that was maintained year after year, to ascend to the ALL.

His first year was auspicious with great encouragement thanks to the streamer’s staunch fans and a flawless title run. In July 9z, Just entering the closing tournament, he quickly became a candidate for the title. After a regular season with 11 wins and 3 losses, the fan favorite sealed the semifinals with a 2-0 win over Feint Gaming. The grand finale of the pre-pandemic at the Obras Stadium already had its protagonists, on the one hand the traditional Isurus team, on the other the new ones, 9z Team.

Two years after being champion, 9z returns to the Master Flow League: all his way in the LVP so far

The outcome, in an environment never seen before in the national esports scene, saw 9z consecrate for the first time. After taking the first blow, Isurus tied the series for the champion to decide the match with two last withering games.

However, the path continued and in the South Regional, where he faced the representatives of Chile, Uruguay and Peru, things were not going as planned. In the final series Blue Esports hit 1-3 to qualify for the P / R of the ALL 2020, and then achieve promotion.

Despite tasting the bitter fall in the regional 9z, he returned with greater ambition. Leaving behind Kimi, Filopo, Tsunami and the head coach Fisher, the organization renewed the project with the arrival of Rakyz, Fix, Sonyky Y Beto. Thus the arrivals of LVP Chile joined Nate Y Froststrike.

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Loaded with talent The Violet He faced a new season being the clear favorite to lift the trophy of the Master Flow League. The regular phase of Opening 2020 had a fierce dispute over the top between Nocturns Gaming (14-4), Undead Gaming (13-5) and 9z (13-5), which placed the first mentioned in the semifinals. The championship defense should start in the quarterfinals, where 9z he eliminated again Feint by 2-0. Then in the best of 5 series against Undead 3-1 would prevail. But in the end Nocturns, lead by Sunblast Y Flare, he won 3-1 ending the two-time championship.

However, the goal of Frankkaster and his team was promotion to the Latin American League, and for that they had to win the Clausura. After being two victories away from achieving the championship, the squad did not undergo changes. In the regular phase the three applicants returned to get sparks with a triple 15-3 tie that they deposited to 9z Y Nocturns in the semifinals. On one side of the painting The Violet beat 3-0 to Malvinas Gaming that he had Philopo Y Tsunami, for the other Undead eliminated the recent champion 3-1. After starting losing the final, 9z he reversed the series 2-1 in the second virtual modality final of the year. Finally, Undead leaning on a Follow intractable and a Kindless decisive took both games after being on the ropes.

Once again away from the ascent to the ALL 9z Team said goodbye to the year without knowing that he would not continue in the Master Flow League next year due to a surprising exodus of teams. However, in 2022, the team with the most appearances in national finals returns to the league in search of glory and hungry for LLA. Do you think you can do it?