Two days remain to support the Great Food Collection of Spain, which hopes to raise 22 million euros to feed vulnerable families

Two days remain to support the Great Food Collection of Spain, which hopes to raise 22 million euros to feed vulnerable families

Start-up since last November 19 and extendable until November 25, the Great Food Collection of Spain awaits raise 22 million euros this week. A record number and a novelty, that the donations are financial donations.

The reason, dispense with the physical delivery of food as an anti-Covid sanitary measure, This is also the reason why the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (Fesbal) will be distributed by more than 11,000 supermarkets throughout the country. The intention: to exceed 31 million kilos of food purchased in 2020 after this week.

More of 100,000 volunteers They thus form the ‘army’ that Fesbal distributes through supermarkets, department stores, hypermarkets and other establishments (which must be registered through an online entry on the website

Unfortunately, the intention is that those 22 million euros would be used to buy about 22 million kilos of basic foodstuffs, which later will be distributed by the 54 food banks of Fesbal, but due to the increase in the shopping basket, the volume of the purchase will surely be lower.

Reach 1.5 million beneficiaries

With this they intend reach up to 1.56 million beneficiaries, a number that according to Fesbal to EfeAagro sources increased by half a million during the pandemic. With the financial donation conceived as a measure of exceptionality, the participation options are directly at the cash desk at these points where Fesbal is present or through the internet.

What’s more, the donation would allow a deduction of the ticket in the next income statement, whose instructions include saving the donation receipt and filling in a form, present on the campaign website.

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In this light, Fesbal intends recover the traditional way of donation in the future, when the pandemic situation is stabilized, since they consider “less cold and more emotional” the delivery of kilos and liters in the supermarket.

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A consolidation of a mixed model to join and find a way to put our grain of sand, regardless of the grain that we can put and that until next November 25 will be waiting for us in more than 11,000 supermarkets throughout Spain and on the Fesbal website.

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