Two cops get fired for chasing Snorlax in Pokémon Go and ignoring a robbery

Two cops get fired for chasing Snorlax in Pokémon Go and ignoring a robbery

Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, two Los Angeles police officers, have been fired on “multiple misconduct charges,” after their vehicle’s video surveillance system I will record them playing Pokémon Go at a time when they had to attend a robbery in progress.

The archived document by the California Judicial Department recounts the surreal story of how both officers spent their busy Saturday morning playing Pokémon Go with their squad car. Both Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were to take a radio call from Darnell Davenport, who at the time was the commanding officer of the Los Angeles Southwest Division patrols. Davenport was notified by a robbery in a mall and he was calling both agents, who were in the vehicle and right next to the shopping center, to come to help. However, they did not respond to the call and at one point, they left the place.

Davenport, who was also at the scene, came to witness the strange scene, so he decided to meet with them later to clarify why they did not heed any of the various notices and left. Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell excused themselves on the grounds that the noise from outside prevented them from hearing the robbery call, an error that only remained in a recommendation by Davenport: to find a quieter place next time so that they can listen to the alerts.

Police vehicle surveillance system recorded officers playing Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Company

The next morning, the commanding officer decided to review the video surveillance system that police vehicles include. To their surprise, both officers did listen to the radio, but ignored the announcement. The police, on the other hand, They went on patrol while playing Pokémon Go looking for two pokémons for his collection. The document, in fact, describes some of the events of the recording.

Officer Mitchell tipped off Officer Lozano that “a Togetic (Pokémon) just appeared,” noting that it was “in Crenshaw, just south of 50th Street. After Mitchell apparently caught the Snorlax, exclaiming,” Got them, ” the officers decided to “go get the Togetic” and drove off. When the car stopped again, the surveillance system recorded Mitchell saying, “Don’t run away. Don’t run away, “while Lozano described how” he had buried it and given an ultra blow “to Togetic before announcing:” I have it. “

The excuse of the agents was not enough to stop the dismissal

The recording also showed phrases like “Shit, man. This thing is bringing out the worst in me,” in relation to Mitchell had a hard time capturing the Pokémon Go character. “Shit, finally,” he said after capturing it. The clip generated by the surveillance system also recorded the conversation with the commanding officer when he asked them about the meeting in a parking lot of an establishment.

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After checking the tapes, the officers They excused themselves saying they didn’t play Pokémon GoInstead, they were only using a “Pokémon tracking” app, and the conversations in the recordings had been misinterpreted. They confessed, yes, that they left their patrol area to look for Snorlax, although they considered his capture as an “extra patrol”. The people appealed their dismissal, but the Court denied the request, so they have not been able to return to their job.