Cristina Caamaño, AFI auditor (MARiA CERUTTi /)

“I’m not angry because you think you are the buchón, in no way do I think you are the buchón. I’m angry because Homeland you were doing from here, this is also doing Homeland. So it was not necessary for you to get involved in that complaint being here. But hey, now let’s say you weren’t here. It is the only one I have left ”.

The one who is heard angry, very angry, in an audio sent by WhatsApp is Cristina Caamano, the inspector of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), the person appointed by Alberto Fernández to manage the public body in charge of espionage.

The former Prosecutor of Instruction was angry in that audio with her interlocutor Andres Albor, a lawyer who for that final week of last September was still a member of the AFI. He was a deputy director in the Internal Affairs Directorate of the spy agency. Andres Albor He presents himself on his Twitter profile as: “Father of 4 children, Bohemio de Villa Crespo. Lawyer and professional nuisance. Proletarian of Law. National & Popular. The Homeland is the other ”. In his posts he expresses his adherence to Kirchnerism. He is a first cousin of Adrian Albor, who is a defender of Luis D´Elía.

On September 24, Albor, along with other lawyers, had filed a criminal complaint against Mariano Llorens, federal chambermaid of the Capital. The complaint, as it was released that same day, referred to the visits that the chambermaid had made to Mauricio Macri while he was President of the Nation. The two visits, revealed by the El Uncover portal, took place in December 2018 and September 2019. The lawyers, including Albor, denounced Llorens because the chambermaid must understand the cause that began in Lomas de Zamora and ended in Comodoro Py in which illegal espionage is investigated during the macrismo. In this case Albor represents the judge Juan Ramos Padilla who is the complainant on the record. The complaint against Llorens, one of the six federal chambermaids of the Capital, was settled in the court of Sebastian Casanello.

When the complaint was made public, the incident resonated with the AFI leadership. That a high-ranking official – who had joined the Caamano administration – made a complaint against a federal chambermaid of those who decides in cases of corruption committed by public officials could politically involve the Federal Intelligence Agency. That was why they ordered him to resign.

According to sources consulted by InfobaeThen the request for Albor’s resignation was produced. A former collaborator of Caamaño in the Public Prosecutor’s Office and right-hand man in the espionage agency was requested by RDS, whose name is kept confidential because he is still in the Federal Intelligence Agency. But since the resignation was requested after the complaint against Llorens was presented, it had to be pre-dated. “You have to present your resignation now. Dated yesterday, “said the messages from the emissary of Caamano, as he was able to reconstruct Infobae. That is why in the first audio that is published in this note, Caamaño says: “But hey, now we are going to say that you weren’t here. It is the only one I have left ”.

The hypothesis that Albor’s resignation was backdated is what the sources reveal and what emerges from a second WhatsApp audio that he accessed Infobae.

There Caamano again goes to Albor and wants to know what day was his last performance as a civil servant. The date of resignation had to be in accordance with your last signature so that there would be no problems. In the same audio, Caamano criticizes Albor for the complaint and slides his suspicion about leaks from the Internal Affairs area.

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“I ask you to tell me when was the last letter or writing, whatever you signed. Because this not only causes me a big problem but I am about to make a trip abroad and I don’t know if Alberto is not traveling abroad for this. For me this is a big problem. I don’t know who Rafa is, but you were already doing Homeland from here, if you wanted to make Homeland with the lawyers you shouldn’t have been here. Andrés… Yesterday I was very sad, today I am very angry .. Very angry. Because it also leaked from there. This is the second leak that I have from Internal Affairs. When he traveled … they also said that he had traveled … already … they did not name him. So it came out of there, I want to know what the buchón is, ”says Caamaño in the audio.

In the audio, Caamaño considers that the broadcast of Albor’s resignation before the fact that the complaint was revealed, became a big problem and the president could get her off an important trip in terms of intelligence collaboration. It also names two agents who traveled sent by the AFI to Bolivia when the scandal broke out over the denunciation of the shipment of security supplies from Argentina to the neighboring country when the coup d’état against Evo Morales and the Argentine president was Macri.

The evidence gathered by Infobae Based on what was reported by various sources, plus what was revealed in different publications of the last days of last September and what is interpreted from the audios (only two are released) allow us to deduce that the intervention of the AFI antedated the resignation of Albor, something that constitutes an irregularity. And that was done to avoid repercussions for the complaint that the lawyer had made. The files of the agents are secret and the documentation that could reveal if Albor’s resignation date was modified are under the jurisdiction of the AFI and therefore cannot be publicly consulted.

When Caamaño was appointed by Fernández, Albor celebrated her appointment :. On December 19, 2019, he said on his Twitter account (@abogadoNac_Pop): “I am very happy with the appointment of Dr. Cristina Caamaño, Attorney General of the Nation, as intervener of the AFI. I am truly excited, I know of your ability, your honesty and good repute. Thanks @alferdez and @CFKArgentina thank you x my country and x the people ”. Days later, in January 2020, Albor said: “She is a lioness with ovaries like 2 Fiat 600s, alone she is doing a professional job and worth knowing herself.”

Tweets Caamaño
Tweet by Andrés Albor

After his untimely departure from the AFI, just a few days ago, on his Twitter account, Albor replied a tweet to the pro-government deputy Rodolfo Tailhade in which he said: “… If you report Llorens and they send you a stamp to your house, it doesn’t make sense but they are those things that have no explanation. We are also going to continue looking for Justice ”.

The stamp had been stuck in the AFI after the complaint against the chambermaid Llorens. By order of Caamaño who did not comply with one of the first unwritten rules of current counterintelligence that could be summarized as follows: “If you are a spy, never send audios. Never again”.


Lack of merit for Caamaño for the leak of spy identities