Admit one thing: they love experiments on Twitter. The social network team keeps testing new features to make this a more dynamic place. A changing social network, where you can find a different topic of conversation every day. And sometimes even completely new ways to discuss them.

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Now, the social network is looking for a way to make the best conversations stand out even more. Of sinking the answers that do not contribute anything, those infused with hatred. Therefore, they have started a new experiment: the implementation of a button “I do not like”, or negative vote. That’s right, no more limiting reactions to “like”.

As you can guess, Twitter users have been quick to react. And it is that, at a time when we are more divided than ever, and in which we are especially sensitive to the reactions of others in networks, it does not seem to be the best way. However, the truth is that it has some trick.

The “I don’t like” reaction will not be exactly the same as the “I like” reaction. While the second is posted publicly, negative votes will not be displayed other than for the user. However, they will help Twitter decide whether or not that answer should be featured. All without the user having to go through what can lead to a wave of negative reactions.

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Of course, the goal, as we said before, seems to be to keep offensive or unnecessary responses at bay. Or, at the very least, to avoid that they are the ones that are most seen. What will have to be seen is whether the experiment works or not, since at the moment it is in testing for a small group of iOS users.

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