Twitter updates “Twitter Blue” and this offers Android users

Twitter updates “Twitter Blue” and this offers Android users

Finally, Twitter updates its “Twitter Blue” feature for Android users, offering them a more personalized space.

We know that, at present, the universe of social networks requires quick actions, to act in a more concrete way in a highly ephemeral scenario, in order to conquer the audiences that, daily, connect to their platforms to to interact.

Recent data from We Are Social and Hootsuite reveals that, the market leader is Facebook, a platform that accumulates 2,910 million users globally; Twitter, for its part, follows with a record of one billion accounts, only 436 million are active.

Equally, the same study has revealed that users spend about six hours a day using their platformseither through a computer or a mobile device.

These data speak of the great relevance that social networks have gained at a time when, thanks to the arrival of the pandemic, users were mostly confined to their own platforms as a kind of escape valve in the midst of a social context. of confinement and chaos.

Given this, sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, among others, have become an essential tool for Internet users, now, much more appropriate to a new digital culture that, moreover, grows day by day. That is why it is not surprising that each of the networks available in the market keep updating in order to offer a better experience to the users.

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“Twitter Blue” is updated for users with Android devices

Twitter is one of the social networks that, for a few months, has been changing to offer various experiences to its conglomerate of users and now has a new update focused on those who use Android devices.

And it is that said social network has just released a new update in its “Twitter Blue” functionwhere now the Android users will be able to customize the application’s navigation bar to their liking and even eliminate the “Spaces” button.

It should be noted that, until now, this function was only available for iOS and only in a few countries; however, with its expansion plan towards its Premium platform, Twitter has made it available to users from countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand who want and can pay for it.

Twitter, along with other platforms, keeps updating itself in order to reach more Internet users and grow its user base.

Recently, the arrival of Telegram Premium and Snapchat Premium was announced. Under the name of Telegram Premium, this new section of the social network costs $4.99 per month (about $83.55 Mexican pesosoffering access to stickers and exclusive reactions.

The Snapchat subscription plan will cost 3.99 dollars per month (about $73.55 Mexican pesos) Notable features include the ability to change the app icon style, see who’s rewatched a story, and pin one of your friends to the top of your chat history as “BFF.”

Today, we are talking about a scenario in which the relevance of social media transcended to very high levels, placing itself as the center of all conversations, strategies for brands and positioning tools for industries.

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