Twitter is rolling out a new feature to limit who can reply to an already posted tweet. The social network added this function last August, but only allowed to choose what kind of people could respond before publishing the tweet.

With this new option, users who have posted a tweet and receive negative responses, or simply do not want to receive comments from other users, will be able to change who can reply through the tweet’s options menu, depending on has confirmed the social network. Twitter allows you to choose between three types of people who can reply to the post. On the one hand, any Twitter user; on the other, only those people who follow you or, only the usernames you mentioned in the tweet.

Internet users will be able to continue interacting with the tweet through likes or retweets. This functionality it has already begun to be implemented in the mobile and web version of Twitter.

Twitter works on new functions for a more personal profile

As commented The Verge, the social network is working on a new function that will allow you to send visible tweets only to “trusted friends”. This is a similar feature to Best Friends on Instagram. The users they will be able to create a list with a limited number of followers and share your opinions only to those users, preventing other people from seeing the publication.

In parallel, twitter plans a function called “Facets”, which consists of creating sections in the same profile in order to separate personal and professional tweets or specific topics. For example, the user can create a section called “Opinion” and make it private so that only previously accepted users can see the content. Or create a section on sport for those interested in physical activity. People will be able to see the sections created, and those that are public or private, from the user’s profile.

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Finally, the social network wants to add an option that would allow censor phrases or words in replies to a tweet. Users who type that word or phrase will receive a warning that it will not be shown in the tweet. It is unknown if these functions will be implemented in the future or will simply remain as an idea.