Twitter hits the brakes again after verifying fake accounts

Twitter hits the brakes again after verifying fake accounts

Twitter announced that pauses account verification (again). The decision was made practically a month after the social network acknowledged that it had verified fake accounts.

The news was released through the profile of Twitter Verified, and the platform argued that they intend to improve the application and review process. It is not yet known how long the account verification will be suspended, but it seems that it may be for an important period.

“We took a temporary hiatus in implementing access to the verification request, so that we can make improvements to the application and review process. For those who have been waiting, we know this can be disappointing. We want to get it right and appreciate his patience, “says the terse ad.

Twitter’s decision was met with a wave of criticism, especially from users who They’ve been waiting a long time for a blue badge that never comes. In addition, the fact that the social network does not provide further details on how long the suspension will last has raised the spirits in the responses.

Twitter account verification is on hold once again

Recall that Twitter stopped accepting account verification requests in 2017. On that occasion, the decision was made due to the outrage generated when the social network verified the profile of white supremacist Jason Kessler. Since then, the possibility of obtaining the blue badge has not been available to the common user.

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However, the story changed in May of this year, when Twitter announced that it would bring back account verification. But to get it, it was necessary to meet a series of strict requirements and meet the eligibility criteria set out by the company.

But it seems that the new process it was built on a house of cards, and fell apart last July. As we mentioned at the beginning, Twitter acknowledged the verification of six fake accounts belonging to a botnet, and this error influenced this new determination.

With the suspension of the account verification process, the social network will be limited to recognizing accounts of companies, governments, politicians, brands, journalists, the media and other influential personalities.