For about four months, the Twitter tips have been available to some users in the United States, but starting today, that feature will be available to users around the world from the iOS app, while for Android will arrive in the next few weeks, as explained by the social network in its Blog.

The tip function, which in English is called ‘Tips’, allows users to send and receive money through applications such as Bandcamp, Cash App, Chipper, Patreon, Razorpay, Wealthsimple Cash and Venmo, in addition to GoFundMe (collection platform online funds) and PicPay (Brazilian mobile payment platform).

Users in the United States (except Hawaii and New York) and El Salvador – a country that recently adopted Bitcoin as legal tender – will also have the option of send and receive tips with Bitcoin via Strike, a person-to-person payments application built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

People in other countries will be able to receive tips through their Bitcoin address. To do this, by enabling tips on their Twitter profile, they can add their Bitcoin address, which users who want to send a tip can copy and paste into a cryptocurrency wallet to make payments directly.

From today, You can tell that an account has activated the tip function when the ticket icon appears next to the ‘Follow’ button on the profile page. To send a tip, you just have to touch said icon and a list of the services or payment platforms that the account has enabled will appear; select the one you prefer and follow the corresponding steps in each case.

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To be able to send and receive tips, users must be 18 years or older and accept Twitter’s new general tipping policy. Finally, it should be clarified that Twitter will not receive any percentage of tips, but third party payment services may charge some commission.

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Also, paying a tip is only a bonus to people or accounts who share content that is considered valuable, but does not give access to exclusive content or any other benefits.

If you want more information about the requirements and steps to follow to activate tips, you can consult the Twitter Help Center at this link.