As we counted a few hours ago and you probably already know, hundreds of streamers from around the world started a strike on Twitch to protest against what they consider an insufficient response from the platform against hate raids, attacks with bots that consist of massively insulting a streamer and his community through chat. The content creators, in addition to not streaming during yesterday, invited their followers not to tune in to the platform for the entirety of September 1. Now we have some data that allows us to confirm that Twitch suffered a viewer crash during the strike.

Twitch suffered a viewer crash during Strike 2

Just like Explain the GameRant portal, Twitch had yesterday about 5,000 less than average issuers than usual, with approximately 500,000 fewer viewers than what the platform usually has. More data from September 1 confirms that at some point in the day there were up to 12,000 fewer streamers live than the previous week, and 13,000 less than in the previous week. The numbers of content creators broadcasting and viewers enjoying that content are still staggering in the global context, but the fall was there and now the ball is in the court of Twitch, which will have to decide if it wants to act against these hate raids.

Twitch announces a price drop

Many streamers decided to join the strike in support of the content creators most affected by this growing trend, but others pointed out that it was going to be useless and preferred to broadcast as usual. Be that as it may, it seems that the strike under the motto of #ADayOffTwitch it has had an impact that the Amazon platform should value.

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