After months of trouble, Twitch and the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) they have finally reached an agreement to “build productive relationships between the service and music distributors.” In theory, this new deal should spell the end of the infamous strikes of DMCA that the different content creators on the platform have been suffering lately.

Since last year, several streamers from Twitch began to receive copyright warnings due to a large wave of claims related to “misuse of music” and that essentially violated the Digital Age Copyright Act (DMCA). Many videos of these creators were removed from the platform without any possibility of recovering them, so it was to be expected that there would be a lot of controversy regarding this.

Not even Twitch seemed to have a definitive solution to this problem, but thanks to the new agreement they signed today with the NMPA, it seems that the streamers They wouldn’t have to worry so much about this anymore. Here is an extract of this agreement:

“This agreement paves the way for new gaming models to increase the visibility and income of musical artists. Twitch will provide new opportunities for music distributors, who will now have the ability to collaborate on new experiences that give them greater visibility through gaming. “

Similarly, it is mentioned that Twitch has created a new process that makes it easier for certain music rights holders the option to report when their music is actually being misused within the different broadcasts of the platform.

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David Israelite, president and CEO of the NMPA, said the following regarding this new agreement:

“The NMPA and Twitch are platforms focused on content creators and our respective communities will benefit greatly from this agreement, which respects the rights of artists and establishes future relationships between our distributors, partners and the service. Through various discussions, Twitch has shown that they understand the value of musical artists and will create new ways to connect with fans in this exciting space. “

It will certainly be interesting to know how this new agreement affects Twitch, but as I said before, it seems that the end of the infamous strikes of DMCA.


Via: Variety

Twitch signs agreement with music distribution association

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