Twitch changes its copyright policies and streamers can now be fined millions of dollars | Technology

Twitch changes its copyright policies and streamers can now be fined millions of dollars |  Technology

The new changes in copyright policies directly affect their streamers, now they are the direct subject of possible millionaire lawsuits about the use of copyright.

In recent months, Twitch has undergone a series of changes that the people who work on the streaming platform are not liking. Some of these new policies come from the hand of situations that many streamers have generated, for example, the change in the way they treat copyright.

And, is that, several streamers had been playing with the fine line of legality. To put ourselves in the background it is necessary to make it clear that Twitch allows you to broadcast series and movies that are within Amazon Prime Video, so both the streamer and users can share multimedia content at the same time.

What several streamers have done in the last month is to share content from other platforms on Twitch, these contents are registered audiovisual products and, logically, the proprietary companies can sue the platform. Twitch has decided to get rid of this responsibility.

The policy change makes streamers the direct subjects of possible lawsuits, potentially facing millions in fines. The situation is complicated due to the example of bad practices that was generated and continues to exist on YouTube regarding the use of copyright.

Now each streamer is responsible for their content and the legal actions that companies can take. Of course, this does not mean that streamers have to give up this type of broadcasting.. In our borders we find the perfect example: Felipez360.

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The old video game youtuber, now a streamer, has a particular way of broadcasting content that is not on Amazon Prime Video. What it does is put a counter so that users know the minute in which the series or movie is, but the camera is pointing at their face all the time.

All this results in a broadcast practically in silence, except for an occasional comment, in which each person is in charge of searching for the series or movie on other platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Filmin or Disney +. We may soon begin to see this trend started by Felipez360.