Twilight’s Sad Past Revealed in Spy X Family |

Twilight’s Sad Past Revealed in Spy X Family |

According to the series of Spy X Family progresses, many fans are excited with everything that happens on screen, since the family Forge it is collated more and more and making a genuine bond. And although there are memorable and happy moments, now the manga revealed one of the saddest pasts, specifically that of twilight.

The flashback sequence has given fans an understanding of the war between east and west as it was without any restrictions. This gives us the context that led to twilight when he was forced to go into hiding with his family and watched those closest to him die. Although some time later he was reunited with his friends that he thought were lost.


This happiness did not last long for Loid. As all three were killed in action after their failed mission due to lack of intelligence. The troops came in poorly prepared, and that misinformation cost the platoon. That’s why he went into espionage so easily, and after learning certain skills, it was evident that he could save his friends.

In news related to Spy X Family. During the last chapter of the series, it was revealed that one of the most popular memes of Anya finally animated to the delight of fans. If you want to take a look at the complete note we leave you a link direct, especially if you are a fan of the series you cannot miss all the information we have.

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