TV presenter touches touch screen and surprise conquers audiences

TV presenter touches touch screen and surprise conquers audiences

A presenter of TV was surprised to discover that the weather display was touchso his reaction has gained recognition for him and the channel he works on.

The surprise that a driver of TV It was not wasted when he found out that he had wasted the touch use of a screen on which he leaned to give the weather forecast.

As an incident, the previous case is added to other facts that have a common among them, the call to action that they provoke in the hearings. The research of Vividata explains that in large markets like Canada, there are at least 9 shares that the audiences take after seeing the TV and a content motivated them to take action.

The study measured the above, based on reactions to advertising campaigns that aired on TVdemonstrating the importance of commercial content and the importance it has on the people who consume it.

Although the majority of study participants said they had taken no action, one 28 percent of them said they used online searches to find a product; 16 percent talked about the product or service with others and a 10 percent purchased the product. A Four percent commented on it on social media.

The response of audiences on social networks to what they see on television is not new, nor is it an exception to the norm; on the contrary, a formula seems to be patented in which television content achieves an echo on networks, consolidating them as a lever for what screens show.

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The audience profile then doubles and has a very clear habit in this regard. nielson For example, he angled a research but based on what audiences do on digital devices, while watching the TV. The majority of them 71 percentthey start looking for information related to what they saw in TV and the 41 percent send messages or emails about what they saw. A 28 percent went to social networks to post about what they saw in TV.

TV presenter and a touch screen

The saying goes that you always learn something new and greg dutra he checked it when he was giving the weather forecast in ABC 7 Chicago.

Dutra He was in the middle of the live forecast, when he touched the screen on which he leans to make his forecast, when he discovered that the device was touch and he was shocked to realize that he had been able to manipulate his projections.

The surprise of the presenter did not stop there, as the broadcast partners joined the incident, which immediately generated reactions on social networks, verifying that the attention of the audience of TV check the transcendence of the productions in this medium, when they manage to make conversation about it.

Like this incident, we have witnessed various actions that have migrated from television to social networks in a unique way, even becoming episodes inscribed in the history of modern television.

A case of great exposure to argue this point occurred on TV Azteca, when the host of Ventaneando, Pedro Sola, made the wrong mayonnaise brand. Hellmann’s in full live schedule, which earned him criticism and became a tremendously famous personality on networks, where he became youtuber subsequently.

The ability of TV to expand the reach of the content it produces with the help of social networks places audiences as a key catalyst for this to happen, determining the success of its actions, due to the nature of its medium.

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