These can be from:

  • Expired products. They notify you when one of your products has expired so that you can renew it as soon as possible if you wish.
  • Your searches. It alerts you when a newly uploaded product matches your search criteria based on these, so you can decide to buy it before anyone else and do not miss opportunities.
  • Your favorites. It tells you when there is news on your favorite sellers or products. Specifically, it tells you when a price of a product that interests you drops, if your favorites have been sold, if they are reserved or if there are new products that could be of interest to you.
  • Other notices. You can also request that they offer you advice and suggestions or receive promotions and news.

Activate and deactivate

If you want activate them or you are interested in receiving the news of any of them before anyone else, we will tell you what you must do to make this possible. In the first place, to activate notifications and for Wallapop to notify you of the news that occurs in the application you must, in any case, go to your profile to the section You in the navigation bar and select Setting.

From there, you will come across the function of Notifications and you can choose what they are the ones you want to receive and those that don’t. You just have to keep the ones that interest you checked.

wallapop notifications

If what you want is turn on search notifications or alerts, the first thing you have to do is go to the search bar and make one from your mobile. Once you have done it, at the bottom of everything you will see the option to save search. If you want this to be more specific, do not hesitate to apply filters, indicate the location, minimum and maximum price, subcategory and status of the product, and then save this search because it is the one that interests you. You can do this with all the products that may interest you.

save search wallapop

If you want to receive notifications about new products from your favorite seller, the first thing you have to do is indicate what these are. If you do not have any, when you are interested in several products of one you can see in the same product file which is the seller, click on him and at the top right you will find the option to bookmark it. You can do it from mobile or on your computer. If the notifications are related with the products, the first thing you have to do is bookmark your favorites. You can easily do it from the product of your interest, top right, with the image of a heart.

favorite seller wallapop

You can remember which are your favorite products or sellers in your profile, in Favorites. On the web you will see it after the messages, on the left side where it puts a heart and favorites. On your mobile, you will see it right next to the start, also with the image of a heart. If you look above you will find the products, searches and profiles categorized. In the web version, it will tell you how many favorites you have, but not the searches. If you want delete some because you are no longer interested, you can mark in this same section in the heart that is under the product. On the web it will ask you again if you want to delete it permanently. Once you do it, it will disappear from your favorites and you will not receive any more notices about it.

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your favorites wallapop

If for any reason They seem to bother you or you no longer need them, you can deactivate them by following the same route and unchecking the boxes. You can disable all of them or choose the ones that you are not interested in continuing to have, thus keeping the others. Another thing you can do is limit the notifications from the settings of your phone. You can also remove products, sellers or searches if this is what bothers you.

Solve problems

If it doesn’t reach you any kind of notification, it may be that you do not have any favorites or you have not saved any searches. You can check it from Favorites on your mobile or from the web, although in the mobile version you will also see searches.

You should check that you have them activated. Follow the steps that we have indicated above to do so. If you find them checked, try unchecking them all and re-activating them, although you should leave without having to do anything. If there is one that is not marked and you are interested, click on it and check that it is marked.

If everything is correct, you should check that the your phone settings They are not preventing you from showing up. You can do it from Android in Settings, Applications, Wallapop and Notifications. Check that they are active, showing the full screen and lock screen. In ios, you have to go to Settings, Notifications, Wallapop and Allow Notifications and do the same. From your Xiaomi, from to Settings and Notifications. There you will see notifications on the lock screen, floating and icons. Below you will find the specific option, click on show and click on it to configure them if you wish.

phone notifications

If you still don’t go, you may not have the latest version of the app and this is what gives you problems. Some previous versions of the app did not get the notifications correctly. Therefore, go to the application store of your mobile and update to the latest version. This will also be important for you to have a better experience with the app and the maximum security of your phone.

On the other hand, if a red message pending notice With nothing pending, it may have happened if there was a bad connection the last time you connected to the chat. Even if this happens, you will not have problems receiving and reading messages if it sends them to you and you have a connection. Connect to the chat for a few minutes to make sure and see that there really are no messages or any notice pending to read.


If none of the above works for you and you continue to experience problems with the app, you can look at the help section of your profile, where it says You, and at the bottom he asks you if you need help. Press and hit Help Center (in contact with us). You can also contact them from Twitter.

contact wallapop

If it does not suit you, from the web version, go to Help, in the menu on the left below everything, and you will find the help center. Look for the query what do you have and choose a question. The Doubts option will appear to consult them. Once you give it a chat will open. The most frequent queries will appear and you can write in it. You can also do it by calling 936 76 05 10 or by email at