Tunden Pedrito Sola in networks for a “racist” tweet about the State of Mexico; this is what he said

Tunden Pedrito Sola in networks for a “racist” tweet about the State of Mexico;  this is what he said

Pedrito Sola, current host of the TV Azteca program Ventaneando, has been severely criticized on Twitter for a comment he made about the State of Mexico.

If we talk about iconic characters on Mexican television, without a doubt, there we can place Pedro Sola, host of TV Azteca, who has earned a privileged place in social networks.

Like any public personality, everything he says or does, whether through his television program or on any of his social networks, is subject to the scrutiny of Internet users, who, on many occasions, do not forgive.

Although Pedro Sola has won the sympathy of a large number of people and network users, since yesterday it seems that the opposite has happened.

Using your account Twitter, the driver of Ventaneando wrote, in his own way, that he had to go to a shopping center located in the State of Mexico, “at the end of the world”, as he himself described it.

However, what bothered Internet users was that, in said tweet, a certain classism was perceived, which is why he received severe criticism for expressing himself in such a way from the State of Mexico.

“For ‘x’ reason, I had to come to Perinorte, a shopping center located at the end of the world, and today I realized again that the misfortune of CDMX is its proximity and adjoining the State of Mexico,” wrote the companion of Pati Chapoy in Selling.

Almost immediately, what was tweeted by Pedro Sola provoked a wave of criticism from several users, who classified it as “classist”. Some of the comments that can be read are:

“My Pedrito, that comment was a bit classist. The State of Mexico is not a disgrace for CDMX, many people from this state move to the city every day to work, they are the ones who provide their services to the people of Mexico City.”

“What a derogatory and out of place comment, here you also have an audience for your program, don’t forget it.”

“Oh, Pedrito, where do you think the largest audience for your show comes from? From Polanco, I don’t think so.”

“It is terrible to live near the poor, isn’t it, my Pedrito? I wish all of Mexico was Polanco.”

As we mentioned before, social networks are unforgiving, especially in these times, where users are connected for several hours of the day.

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We must not forget that we live in an era dominated by what happens on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even TikTok. Each of these platforms represents a great work tool for those personalities who have earned the sympathy of the audience.

On the other hand, it is true that the judgment of Internet users is lethal and cases like the one that happened with Pedrito Sola can be a long stain on the image of the driver.

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