Trunks is able to defeat the only villain that neither Vegeta nor Goku defeated in Dragon Ball

Trunks is able to defeat the only villain that neither Vegeta nor Goku defeated in Dragon Ball


It is no surprise to anyone that Goku and Vegeta, protagonists of Dragon Ball Super They have a higher power level than Trunks, but our hero may have surpassed them this time. The sword-wielding Saiyan showed his superiority by defeating a villain they couldn’ta not insignificant milestone and, even less, taking into account the range of power they have.

In Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou’s canonical Future Trunks Saga, Trunks battled a god-level villain named Zamasu., whose mission was to exterminate all mortals in all unimaginable universes, since he considered them inferior. Before Zamasu launched his first attack, he gathered all the Dragon Balls and wished to inhabit Goku’s body, turning Zamasu into Goku Black, and then convinced an alternate version of himself to join him on his dark quest. .

In order to fight both versions of this seemingly unbeatable foe simultaneously, Trunks goes back in time and convinces Goku and Vegeta to travel to the future with him and fight Zamasu and Goku Black. At the end of the battle, Zamasu and Black merge and become a single godlike entity that wields powers beyond the Saiyans’ comprehension. to beat him, Goku summons the Omni-King, Zeno, who erases all reality from existence.thus eliminating Zamasu once and for all.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission Chapter 10 by Yoshitaka Nagayama, this fusion of Zamasu returns while helping another villain named Hearts to acquire the necessary power to kill Zeno and rid the universe of all gods. However, when Zamasu obtains this power and tries to use it for himself instead of giving it to Hearts, another villain working alongside them named Lagss uses his mystical abilities to paralyze Zamasu and leave his body in a weakened state, then takes the power by itself. and takes it to her master, Hearts.

Goku VS Perfect Blue Super Saiyan Zamasu and Goku's Hakai

Not even Goku in his most powerful form could beat Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super.

Having seen Zamasu blown out of existence by Zeno in Dragon Ball Super, Trunks is shocked and furious that he somehow survived and is now working, once again, towards the downfall of the multiverse. So when Zamasu is weakened by his supposed ally, Trunks takes advantage of the situation and uses his sword to slice Zamasu in half and permanently destroy his physical form.. Trunks’ victory over Zamasu in this issue is incredibly satisfying, as it not only showed him succeeding where both Goku and Vegeta failed, but it also brought closure to all the pain Zamasu caused him in Dragon Ball Super.

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Trunks managed to beat the Dragon Ball Super villain in a particular way

In addition to destroying his world and tormenting his entire existence, Zamasu also killed Trunks’ mother, Bulma, right in front of his eyes. Given Trunks’ hatred for this villain, Zamasu’s supposed demise at the hands of Zeno left readers wanting more, as Trunks himself was unable to deliver the killing blow and make Zamasu pay for the evil he brought to his life. life. Nevertheless, in this chapter of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Trunks can represent his bloody revenge and destroy Zamasu himself, even if he needs a little help to do so.

Throughout the Dragon Ball mythos, both within the main canon and spin-off stories, Trunks has continued to grow in power and has become a major threat to any villain he may face. However, in the current state of Dragon Ball continuity, his power level cannot be compared to that of Goku or Vegeta, who can now channel the power of gods. However, in a particular case, Trunks proves to be superior to the two Saiyan warriors. after defeating the only Dragon Ball villain neither of them could hope to defeat: Zamasu.

Zamasu was a Supreme Kai apprentice who revealed himself and killed his Master.

Zamasu was a Supreme Kai apprentice who revealed himself and killed his Master in order to gain all the power to destroy humanity.

While Zamasu’s body was weakened by Lagss, Trunks’ victory over the immortal villain was unbelievably epic and unbelievably impressive, especially compared to Goku and Vegeta’s previous battle against the villain. Goku and Vegeta didn’t even come close to beating Zamasu and had to call on an almighty god to do the job for them. While Trunks had help, he still delivered the final blow and in doing so, Trunks beat the only Dragon Ball villain Goku and Vegeta ever could.

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