Trophies in retro PS1 and PSP games are optional

Trophies in retro PS1 and PSP games are optional

Today the new service arrived playstation plus to the Asian region and for this reason Sony published a new entry on the official PlayStation blog, detailing all the benefits for subscribers of its three plans: Essential, Extra and Premium.

For several days it has been leaked that some PS1 games will have support for trophies in PlayStation Plus Premium, but it was unknown if all games would have this function. Today Sony has already confirmed that this will depend on the developers, since it is a function optional for all.

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The first game confirmed to have trophies on its PS4/PS5 remake is PSOne’s Siphon Filter, followed by Wild Arms, IQ: Intelligent Qube, Hot Shots Golf, and Ape Scape. In the official PlayStation Blog post, all these games were confirmed and it was clarified that it is up to the developers to add trophies to their classic games or not.

The catalog of retro games is not the only benefit of subscribers to the PlayStation Plus Premium plan, as they also have access to exclusive demos for PS4 or PlayStation 5 games. These exclusive demos are limited to two hours, but in this time it is possible get trophies and keep them even when your usage time with the demo ends.

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The trophies that you obtain during the trial period will be kept in your account, and in case you decide to buy the full game you will be able to continue where you left off.

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The first PS1 and PSP games hit the PlayStation Store yesterday, in preparation for the launch of the new service in Asia. Thanks to this we can confirm that the classic titles were converted to a version of pS4 and PS5, which allows them to have extra functions such as rewind, quick save and customizable screen filters.