tricks that will change your garnish forever

tricks that will change your garnish forever

Each teacher has his own booklet and that is precisely what happens with white rice, in each house it is prepared in a different way. exist many ways to prepare it: in a saucepan or frying pan, in a pressure cooker, in the microwave, with plenty of water (to drain later), with just enough water (so as not to have to drain), covered or not, sautéed before or after cooking, etc.

All of them are correct and valid ways of making rice, although a long time ago we shared our favorite, the recipe with which we get a rice at its point at Spanish style, that is to say, with the grains very loose. Because there are rices in which you want them to be caked, but those are another matter.

In any case, for get some nice white rice It is essential to control the doneness, control the variety of rice used, as well as the type of water, and take into account the place where it is prepared. The altitude, temperature and humidity of the environment greatly influence the result and condition the method to be used.

A well-executed white rice is not only a super side dishInstead, it serves as the basis for other preparations such as rice salads, stuffed peppers, dishes such as chaufa-style fried rice, among other preparations. However, there are those who find it difficult to find grace, but that is because they do not know the tricks to make white rice with a lot of flavor.

Garlic, bay leaf and EVOO

From my mother I learned how to brown a clove of garlic (peeled and whole) in extra virgin olive oil, sauté the rice in it and add a bay leaf along with the cooking water. These three elements, perhaps the most classic, they add a lot of flavor to white rice.

Garlic, bay leaf and extra virgin olive oil are the Holy Trinity of my favorite garnish, but over the years I have been trying other ways that work just as well and with which you get a white rice with a lot of flavor.

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Spiked onion

At the Hospitality School we used a spiked onion, that is, we poked a couple of cloves in a peeled onion and dipped it in the water for cooking the rice. A perfect trick for those of you who are fans of the flavor and aroma of this spice, although be careful with the amount used because it is very powerful.

Soy sauce

Another trick that we have used and shared with you in Directo al Paladar is to add soy sauce to the cooking water. We do not get tired of preparing the rice garnish -with soy- in this way, despite the number of years that have passed since its publication.

Other tricks

In the great publishing family of Webedia there are many loose kitchens, so we have taken the opportunity to ask what their tricks to get a white rice with a lot of flavor. All of them tested and proven, here they all go.

  • Add garlic powder to the cooking water, a good alternative to fresh garlic.
  • Grate, chop or crush one or more cloves of fresh garlic (amount to taste) and sauté lightly in oil before adding the rice and the cooking liquid.
  • Replace the water with broth, better if it is homemade, although in a case of trouble a pill of concentrate can be used as a fix. In this case, it is advisable not to add salt.
  • Finely chop 1/4 onion and sauté in oil before adding the rice and water.
  • Add chopped parsley or other herbs (fresh or dried) to the cooking liquid.
  • Include a couple of black peppercorns to the cooking liquid.
  • Use Butter instead of oil to achieve a distinct flavor point and some unctuousness.
  • Squeeze medium lemon and add it to the cooking liquid.

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