Treasury increases fiscal stimulus for gasoline

Treasury increases fiscal stimulus for gasoline

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) published this Friday in the Official Gazette of the Federation the tax incentives for fuels that will be in effect from tomorrow until January 14.

With this, Magna gasoline consumers will pay only 2.0730 pesos of IEPS for each liter consumed and 3.0599 pesos of tax for each liter of Premium.

In the case of diesel, the fiscal stimulus is 47.71%, for which, for each liter consumed, 3.1561 pesos of tax will be paid.

In the first week of January 2022, the stimuli were lower: 59.40% for Magna, 31.10% for Premium and 43.65% for diesel.

The final price of these products will depend on each fuel distribution company. The SHCP increases the fiscal stimulus when it observes an increase in international gasoline prices, in order to avoid affecting consumers.

On the contrary, when the Treasury observes a decrease in gasoline prices, then it reduces the stimulus, causing consumers a greater part of the IEPS.