Toyota confirms changes to its GR010 Hybrid ahead of Sebring Prologue

Toyota confirms changes to its GR010 Hybrid ahead of Sebring Prologue

Toyota Gazoo Racing is the only major manufacturer to compete full-time in the WEC hypercar class with an LMH prototype, since Peugeot has delayed the debut of its 9X8 until after Le Mans. Bearing in mind that Alpine is racing an LMP1 and that Glickenhaus is a much smaller project with limited resources, the Japanese firm has everything in its hands to become a reference again in the queen category of the World Cup. And so it should be since Sebring.

With everything, the Japanese firm has not stopped its work or the development of its LMH prototype with a view to anticipating the competition that is to come. In fact, the Toyota GR010 Hybrid debuts a new specification at the Sebring Prologue, a test prior to the opening round of the WEC on the American circuit. As we already have in, the prototype LMH of the Japanese firm has changed the size of its front and rear tiresa change that is linked to an aerodynamic review to maintain the performance of the car.

Toyota has had to redesign its Toyota GR010 Hybrid to use different sized tires on each axle.

The first version of the Toyota GR010 Hybrid that competed throughout the 2021 WEC season featured 13-inch tires on both the front and rear axles. However, this new variant of Toyota’s LMH prototype features 12.5-inch wide front and 14-inch rear tires. Pascal Vasselon, technical director of Toyota Gazoo Racing, explained that this change has been made to correct rear tire management issues that Toyota had last year.

Among the changes that can be seen in the GR010 Hybrid, beyond the size of the tires, there is a major revision of its aerodynamics that results in a higher and longer engine cover flap, as well as a renewal of the rear wing endplatesnow bigger. Other points have also been revised, such as the aerodynamic elements located in the upper part of the cabin. The team has specified that there are other changes that are not visiblebut which help the car to maintain its performance with this new configuration.

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In the technical section, the Toyota GR010 Hybrid has also received a reconfiguration of the electronic engine management to adjust its operation and performance to the introduction of a new 100% renewable fuel from TotalEnergies. This fuel made from the waste products of the wine industry marks a significant step forward in Toyota Gazoo Racing’s and the WEC’s goal of competing under a carbon neutral model.

Photos: Toyota Gazoo Racing