Total renovation in Volvo saloons and family cars, electric and more attractive

Total renovation in Volvo saloons and family cars, electric and more attractive

Volvo has made its debut in the new year 2022 with a new manager at the helm. However, this will not change the plans of Hakan Samuelsson, who remains in his position as top CEO, so the role of the new manager is to materialize these plans. The firm faces a new era transforming its combustion range into electric ones, but keeping the saloons and family cars.

That SUVs rule the market is a reality, and it does not have any signs of decline in the positive sales lines. A format that will continue to reign for many years, and that some manufacturer will be able to implement exclusively in its range of products, replacing any other type of bodywork. At Volvo, they are not willing to give up their saloons and their family members, despite the fact that they are immersed in the era of electric cars.

Hakan Samuelsson, who holds the position of CEO of the firm, is fully convinced that Selling only SUVs is a mistake, relying fully on traditional saloons and family variants. Two types of bodywork that do not go through the best times in any brand, and that have lost numerous customers along the way, but that the Volvo leader considers fundamental, although he also knows that the XC40 and XC60 are the models more sold in their respective categories. Even so, the Swede has announced the renewal of the “S” and “V” models.

The Volvo Concept Recharge will mark the aesthetic line of the future models of the brand

The future sedans and family of Volvo will bet on suggestive lines and curves

But beware, it is not all gold that glitters, because Volvo is in a position as solid as it is difficult, and it is a complicated renovation. Today, the XC40, XC60 and XC90 account for 75% of sales of the brand, and only the XC60 figures during 2021 far exceed those of the S60, V60, S90 and V90. Two models, with two saloons and two family cars, that are active in a couple of segments -D and E Premium- where the competition is not only brutal, but also maintains some very traditional customers who continue to bet on sedan-type sedans, for example.

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However, Håkan Samuelsson knows that the relays of these key models They cannot follow the same traditional line, but must have an important boost for customers. The Swede is convinced that “We need smaller cars with a more conventional body size, but perhaps a little less square than before. These low cars will be a complement to our high-rise SUVs. one of the keys will be a more aerodynamic design, which is not a coupe as many are already imagining.

In fact, this quality of aerodynamics will also allow a focus on greater energy efficiency, significantly increasing the autonomy of future electric models that will become the “S” and “V”. Future Volvo models will not only be more aerodynamic and efficient, they will also be safer and more affordable. Different as the commercial names that they will adopt, another of the novelties, because will abandon alphanumeric characters.