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Tori-San cosplays Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man

Tori-San cosplays Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man

the sleeve of chainsaw man is one of the most popular in recent years and a good part of it is thanks to its characters, since it has many relatable and even funny characters in a world plagued by demons. One of the fan favorites is Aki Hayakawawho Tori-San made an excellent cosplay for.

Aki Hayakawa is one of the first characters we meet and he is a Public Security Demon Hunter, who works in the Makima squad that Denji, the protagonist, is in. He initially has a contract with the Fox Demon, which was reflected by Tori-San’s cosplay.

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Tori-San not only cosplayed Aki Hayakawa with a great resemblance, she also edited the photos to show us the Fox Demon, with a style that brings the design presented to us by Tatsuki Fujimoto to live-action.

The photo with the Fox Demon was published in November last year, but that was not the first time we saw Tori-san in her Aki Hayakawa cosplay. The first time the cosplayer became the Demon Slayer was a few months before, but back then he only showed us the look of him with a katana, without the demon.

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Tori-San’s resemblance to Aki Hayakawa is unbelievable and the Fox Demon edition turned out very well, as it blends very well with the cloudy sky that was on the day of the shoot. If you like Tori-San’s work, I recommend that you follow her on her networks, as she has played various anime and manga characters with great quality.

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