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Top 6 wellness experiences to live at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Top 6 wellness experiences to live at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

sound therapy

Another of our recommendations when making a trip focused on well-being is to sign up for a sound therapy session at Muluk Spa. In it, the experts use different instruments such as bowls, drums and horns to vary the vibratory frequency of those present, in order to cleanse the three dimensions.

The vibrations come into contact with the deepest part of our being while we keep our eyes closed and the guides make chants that facilitate the entrance to another state of mind.

This therapy harmonizes the physical, mental and spiritual planes based on the principle of resonance in sympathy. This means that the vibration of our body is synchronized with that of the instrument, achieving benefits such as the release of fear. According to the practice guide, you can even have lucid dreams in the days after.


For those who enjoy physical activity, a tour of the calisthenics circuit will be more than necessary. With the help of the hotel’s instructors, you can walk the entire route or create your own to increase the temperature and strengthen the body in the different seasons where balance, strength and resistance will be put to the test.

The circuit is designed to go from less to more, so that the exercises gain intensity. However, each stop has different levels so that both those who hardly exercise, to those training for triathlons, enjoy the adventure. Our recommendation is to do the circuit in a group, it’s super fun that way!

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vital gastronomy

The possibility of pampering yourself with delicious and healthy dishes reaches another level at Hotel Xcaret México. The Bio restaurant captivated us with a gourmet vegan dinner at the hands of chefs Miguel Bautista and Jaime Rodriguez, in which we fell in love with their mamey mole with jackfruit stew and broad bean and black garlic hummus. It is amazing how this food increases the energy level. Without a doubt, eating at Bio is something that you have to do at least once in your life.

The iconic Ha’ restaurant is also ideal for experiencing the art of flavor. Created by chef Carlos Gaytán –the first Mexican to obtain a prestigious Michelin Star–, and inspired by well-being, the menu was an eight-course work where each dish and pairing filled us with gratitude for life. The onion tartlet with comte cheese and balsamic spheres deserves a special mention.


When we arrived at Hotel Xcaret México we expected to live a pleasant experience wellness, but the place exceeded our expectations, thanks to its spectacular facilities, incomparable gastronomic experiences and above all, with the consistency that exists in each of its activities, rituals and spaces.

Few mention that it is in the details where you can discover how Hotel Xcaret México demonstrates its love for our culture, our nature, and our flavors and knowledge. Today we are aware that your experience wellness It was the treasure we were looking for.