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Are you a new user of Mac? Are you testing macOS for the first time? In that case, you will be interested in knowing this fantastic collection of apps that we are about to recommend.

We have scoured the macOS App Store for the best apps for Mac of the year 2021 and we have come across real gems that will become indispensable tools in your adventures through the operating system of Apple’s Mac computers.

From applications to reconfigure system preferences to video playback applications, through all kinds of tools that will allow you to better organize your day to day, manage your calendar or edit documents. Here are the best Mac apps of 2021.

These are the best apps for your Mac in 2021

  • Amphetamine
  • VLC
  • Pixelmator
  • Dropbox
  • Todoist
  • Fantastical
  • PDF Expert
  • Magnet
  • Cleaner-App
  • The Unarchiver

If you are thinking of renewing your application library on macOS, you should take into account these apps that are sweeping in 2021.

They are the best applications in the App Store and will help improve your user experience on the system. Below we explain how each of them works and what their main characteristics are.


We started strong, with one of the most popular applications in the App Store for Mac. It is Amphetamine, a tool that is mainly responsible for prevent your computer from going to sleep.

It’s an alternative to Caffeine that provides a host of configuration and customization options. With Amphetamine you can set a specific period of time in which your Mac will not go to sleep.

VLC Player

What to say about VLC Player, probably one of the best video players in the history of the Internet. And it is an especially useful application on macOS, why? Basically because QuickTime Player – the default multimedia player of the operating system – does not support video files in the AVI format, one of the most widely used video formats today. On the other hand, it is one of those apps that never fails.

VLC is not available on the macOS App Store, but can be downloaded for free as normal from the official VLC website.

Download VLC Media Player

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is a photo editing application for Mac with an impressive selection of professional features. There are actually two versions of the app: Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator Classic. But if we are talking about the best macOS applications … better opt for the pro version.

The application will offer you the ability to edit images with impressive effects and use a wide range of tools to create beautiful compositions. All this accompanied by a user interface designed with a very visual and elegant style. You will find it in the Mac App Store for 43.99 euros.


Dropbox is a cloud storage application and it does its job very well. With the app you can transfer any file to the cloud in a matter of seconds, make a backup copy and access a preview of each file.

In addition, the application has very useful functions such as a document scanner and offers 5 GB of free space and up to 3 TB of space in the paid version.

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If you consider yourself a very organized and planning person, you will be interested in downloading Todoist, the best task list application. Thanks to it, you will be able to manage all your daily tasks and keep an exhaustive follow-up of your tasks.

It has very interesting functions that will allow you use reminders, mark your priority tasks, track your progress and use an extension for Safari. In addition, it has integration with other services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack or Alexa.


We continue with the management of daily tasks, but in this case with an application more focused on your calendar. We are talking about Fantastical. It is a free app, although it offers paid subscription plans.

Fantastical is the most popular calendar app that will give you many more options in addition to Apple’s native Calendar app. Have multiple view formats, a quick access mini window, event templates, alerts and reminders, Todoist support, availability searches, group synchronization and a long list of functions.

PDF Expert

Apple’s Preview application can be a fast and efficient alternative for editing images and PDF documents. But it is not as versatile or complete as PDF Expert, the best PDF editing application.

With PDF Expert you can even correct typographical errors, perform word searches, merge multiple documents, add links … It is a very complete app. Of course, the application is a bit expensive for a simple PDF file editor. But she is the best in her field. It is available for 89.99 euros.


Magnet application.

If you use your Mac computer for productivity purposes, this application will be for you like a real lifeboat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, especially in the case of MacBook laptops with 13-inch screens. With Magnet you can organize your work in multiple windows with a very comfortable and simple operating method.

Magnet app costs 8.99 euros and it will allow you to arrange the windows of your applications in boxes organized around the screen of your Mac computer. In addition, it offers keyboard shortcuts, adaptive resizing or drag activation. Highly recommended. If you are used to working with multitasking windows, this is your app.



Cleaner-App is an indispensable tool for any Mac user and is available totally free on the App Store.

It is an operating system cleaning app that will take care of optimize your disk storage usage and free up memory in the system. And, sometimes, even if you delete an application, there are always loose files scattered around macOS. This app will take care of removing them and cleaning your system.

The Unarchiver

If you have been a Mac user for a while, you will know that it is a headache to work with ZIP files or RAR files since the system is not compatible. But here we bring you the solution: The Unarchiver.

The Unarchiver is a file extraction capable of working with a huge number of file formats such as rar, zip, bin, macbin, 7z, lha, gzip, tgz, r00, r01, r02 … The operation of the application is very simple, its processing of compressed files is immediate and you will be able to extract any file with which you are going to work.

This has been our compilation of the best Mac apps of 2021But the App Store is packed with great tools for macOS. What are your favorite applications for Mac?