Tom Hanks returns to science fiction and this time with streaming for his next film: Finch. This is the unmissable trailer of the production in question… ¿Pinta de Oscar?

Tom Hanks, the great prodigal son of Hollywood, returns to the screen after four years of not being in a major production (The Post). After this, the actor appeared in the sequel to Borat, where he interpreted himself, as well as in Toy story 4, saga in which he has given his voice to Woody from the beginning. Now, he prepares to star in the great promise of Apple TV +, Finch.

The film changed its label recently, since until now it was supposed to be called BIOS, but the studio decided to title the name of the main character, Hanks. As it is not very common in the artist’s filmography, this will be a science fiction story, centered on a post-apocalyptic setting, in which a lonely man is with a dog and a robot in a world devastated by natural disasters and radiation.

The plot supposes to be a drama very in its axis, since it will be based on the brotherly love that the survivor develops for the android and the pet that accompany him, together, as a family, they will seek a refuge and many threats will come along the way.

With this, perhaps it will come to the memory of many Cloud Atlas, the last and one of the few productions of this genre in which Tom Hanks has appeared.

Thus, the protagonist of Castaway, Forrest Gump or Saving Private Ryan will once again be in charge of a project. This is pretty much the guarantee of seeing the production in next year’s awards season.

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Hanks was a member of the board of the Academy, for which his work has always been widely recognized.