Tokyo de Tango Gameworks closer and closer according to records

Tokyo de Tango Gameworks closer and closer according to records

The Japanese game development company, based in Tokyo, Tango Gameworks, leadered by Shinji mikami, who is considered by many as “The father of Resident Evil”, has had two successful deliveries of The Evil Within.

This study has shown that it is ready for new projects and there is little left for us to know Ghostwire: Tokyo.

And although as of yet, there is no official release date for this title, it is believed to be in the spring of this year. However, it seems that we are close to knowing more details about it.

It appears that the release date of Ghostwire: Tokyo, could be revealed soon as this new title of Tango Gameworks has already been registered and classified by the Korean Game Rating Committee, the body in charge of reviewing the content of all entertainment products.

And although this registry does not provide us with more details than what we already know, Ghostwire: Tokyo It has caused certainty from its first mentions, making its public appearance and launch expected, but with the problems derived from the pandemic, delays have become a possibility for any title.

Let’s just keep that in mind, and with the classification process underway, it is expected that in the coming weeks the same will happen in other markets, opening the possibility that Bethesda Y Tango Gameworks reveal the release date of Ghostwire: Tokyo, the latest company title to come out in Playstation 5 because its exclusivity in console precedes the purchase by Microsoft.

Something that has been let us know, so far about Ghostwire: Tokyo is that it will not be a proposal only of terror, but that it will appeal to other mechanics to expand the game experience. It will also take advantage of the technology of Playstation 5 and the DualSense to provide a more immersive session that engages the player’s senses, and that sounds pretty cool.

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