HBO Max has come to revolutionize the streaming market and take on Netflix. It does with much more content and lowering the price subscription (there is an introductory offer with which you will pay 4.49 euros forever) while Netflix keeps uploading it.

With a spectacular improvement in image quality compared to HBO Spain, HBO Max has landed with such interesting news as comedy Made for love or the expected Gossip girl, although the first one that we have seen when arriving at the new platform is the Spanish one Everything else.

Created, directed and starring Abril Zamora, Everything else is a dramedia that has become the first Spanish production of HBO Max and we can already see its first chapter.

It all begins with the presentation of Dafne, the protagonist. Alberto Casado, from Pantomima Full, narrates us in this first chapter how the simple life of this 36-year-old woman on which the whole story will revolve, gets complicated. She has just finished her transition, her boyfriend has left her and she is completely and absolutely unhappy because surprise! He has inadvertently fallen in love with his best friend.

Miguel Bernardeu, Juan Blanco, David Matarín, Nuria Herrero, Andrea Guasch, María Maroto, Bea de la Cruz, Marta Belenguer, Pepe Lorente and Raúl Mérida complete the cast with Abril Zamora in this series of eight half-hour chapters, in which we can see a group of thirty-somethings from Madrid trapped in lives that were not the ones they dreamed of.

Just like he did Lena Durham with Girls, the series explores the comings and goings of the millennial generation, who is now 30 years old and discovers that his life is not at all as he expected. Love sucks, precarious jobs, sky-high rents and sex a meaningless escape route to take refuge.

Everything Else Hbo Max

And although it can’t match the wonder that it was Girls, one of the best HBO series of the last decade, it is interesting that there is a Spanish series in which the protagonist is trans and he speaks to us with his own point of view of everything that surrounds this complex process.

It is becoming a more common theme, as we could see with Poison last year, but this time the series disguises the drama with comedy and offers us a light series that has yet to take off.

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