To be handsome, it is not necessary to suffer

To be handsome, it is not necessary to suffer

When a few days ago my partner Juan invited us to show spectacular outfits for him Photo mode From our Discord server, the first thing that came to mind was the Caponata Chicken meme in a conference room.

Luckily our readers are great artists and they give us photos like the one that heads the post of Umo Heima with his V of Cyberpunk 2077. The future looks regular for those of us who do not like to wear colirinchis, but the style must be recognized.

Also watch out for the other two that we liked the most. First of all the good old Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima who Pictureidgame has dressed for the occasion. The uncle does not lack detail. And it is that since you are going to get involved with blows, what better way than to do it well protected and warm.


And last but not least, the outfit that has been marked Ari for your Destiny Guardian. In this particular case, he seems to have suffered a bit to get all those pieces and be so plump, but to take away the dance, which looks spectacular.


And for next week: weapons. Many weapons

For this week we propose weapons as thematic. You can capture the action of a shootout, your character’s arsenal or the spectacular detail that a developer has captured in his game rifle. Artistic war photos? Too. We want to enjoy them all.

We remind you that must be video game captures made by you, with a limit of three captures per participant, without spoilers and indicating the name of the game to which they belong. If you can also accompany them with your comment to give us some context about why you did it, how you did it or what you want to tell us about it, the better.

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You can go up your best horror captures to our Discord server until next time Friday August 20 at 12:00 if you want them to enter the candidates. Thanks for participating!

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