Tired of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Tired of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Since the premiere of Hombre de Hierro in 2008 to the present, there is a constant within the film industry: the Marvel Cinematic Universe It is one of the most successful franchises and, perhaps, determining factors within a narrative perspective. Although the beginning was not easy, he is currently in good health. However, can there be wear?

Exaggerating, it is not ruled out that the general public will divide the year according to the premieres of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For your interest, considering that there are already several generations that have grown up under this narrative and are at least curious about how it progresses. Another branch of this discussion is the meaning within the industry: the stories of superheroes are what pop is in the music sector.

In the middle of those aspects are those more strict of the posed narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The topics it touches. The approaches you are looking for. The shades you want to achieve. His compositional maturity within a story full of stories, characters and with a couple of formats on which it is built, the cinema and the streaming.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe
and the accumulation of titles

One of the frequent comments of those who follow the saga of films from a distance, without running away from each production that is presented, is “What should I see before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?”, for example. The idea is implanted that, at this point, there is a series of interconnected stories. The expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the format streaming joined the avalanche of films that are currently available on Disney Plus.

This poses a challenge for Disney and Marvel: to make productions that respond to the narrative that they have been developing since 2008; make films and series that do not claim from the viewer an entire week of content consumption for their understanding; the presentation of new characters that enrich that story, maintaining fidelity to what has already been composed. The result? A saga that seems infinite and that runs the risk of boring viewers.

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How do you make the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies more than just the introduction and adventures of a character? One of the possible options lies in delving into complex issues and dealing with them from an interesting perspective. It’s what happened with WandaVision and the mental health of Wanda Maximoff. Another variant of this idea can be seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessa production that can be considered as horror, a genre not treated within the narrative.

The risk

Otherwise, if the next titles of the Marvel Cinematic Universe do not correspond to the maturity of their viewers, there may be a kind of stagnation that can currently be perceived to a lesser extent: simple jokes, explosiveness, some surprising cameo and the incentive for what is to come. That’s enough? We’ll see.

The next release within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Thor: Love and Thunder. It will be the fourth film dedicated to the character, something that did not happen with Iron Man or Captain America, the pair that completed the trident on which a good part of Phases 1, 2 and 3 advanced. Seen what was seen in the first trailer, the film It promises to advance on the tone in which the character has entered, as well as a lot of humor and an issue to be resolved: the emotional health of the protagonist.

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Thor is on a personal journey, seeking to redefine his life, while continuing to heal the emotional wounds of infinity war Y end game. What will be the balance between humor and those aspects? What challenges will the film adaptation pose for viewers? The Marvel Cinematic Universe needs its stories to continue to mature, both in approaches and in complexity, to avoid disengaging your viewers. It will continue to function from an economic and entertainment perspective. But the time is coming when that alone may not be enough to keep growing.