Tips to Win as a Survivor

Tips to Win as a Survivor

This Friday May 13th finally arrived Evil Dead: The Game, the new multiplayer game from Saber Interactive and Boss Team Studios based on Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead franchise. You can play as a survivor or as the Kandarian demon in Evil Dead: The Game, but you will most likely feel lost in your first games, so I prepared 10 tips to survive when you play as a human.

The games of Evil Dead: The Game are asymmetrical, with four players playing the role of surviving humans and another controlling the Kandarian demon and the forces of evil. The goal of the humans is to get the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis to send the demonic forces away, while the demon must kill all the humans to win.

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Surviving players can choose from a dozen characters taken from the entire Evil Dead series (with the exception of the 2013 film), so you should check out the original trilogy and the Ash vs. Evil Dead if you want to understand all the easter eggs. Each character has their own ability and stats, such as speed, stamina, strength, and fear. Check out my 10 tips for surviving Evil Dead: The Game below.

Always travel accompanied

Just like in horror movies, when a character is separated from the others they risk meeting a terrible fate, so it is best to stay close to your companions and move to the objectives in a group. Traveling in a group not only helps make them safer, it also decreases the risk of characters starting to feel fear.

One of the most important elements is the fear meter, which increases when you fall into a trap, are attacked and especially when you are alone. If your fear meter increases your character is revealed on the demon map and becomes vulnerable to being possessed, so avoid traveling alone and try to follow a route past light sources.

Take advantage of all the loot

During the beginning of the game it is very important that players look for loot, because the faster you get weapons (fire or melee), Shemps cans, protection amulets, matches or ammunition, the faster you can defend yourself against the forces of the enemy. evil. Remember to turn on the flashlight when you’re indoors so it doesn’t increase your fear level.

The first stage of the game consists of finding the 3 pieces of the map, so take the opportunity to record each place you visit while looking for these pieces and equip your survivor well. If you find a supply box, do not let it go, because in these you will find weapons with greater rarity and the precious F Rosa, which are used to improve your character.

Don’t alert the devil

The player playing as the Kandarian demon can’t see where the rest of the players are, so don’t go revealing your location and lose the advantage. Actions that reveal your location to the Kandarian demon are getting into vehicles and firing guns, so try to be stealthy early in the game and let the demon search you all over the map.


Even if the Kandarian demon doesn’t find you, at no time are you totally safe, as there are deadites roaming all over the map and you will most likely be attacked constantly when traveling on foot. It is important to loot at the beginning of the game so that when you fight you already have a weapon, but the most important thing is to know how to dodge.

In Evil Dead: The Game it doesn’t work to play the button, so you have to pay attention to the animations of the enemies to know when they are going to attack you. If you dodge at the right time you can avoid damage and position yourself to follow up with a combo, which is essential when facing more powerful demons than regular ones.

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take advantage of your ability

Each character has an ability and its function depends in part on its class. The four classes of survivors in Evil Dead: The Game are Leader, Warrior, Hunter, and Support. The leader has skills that help the whole team; warriors have more health and focus on close combat; hunters attack from a distance and have better resistance; and the support ones are used to perform cures and exorcisms.

Experiment with all the characters and improve their abilities

At first all the characters will be new, so experiment with all of them to see which abilities you like best. Playing matches earns you experience and leveling up earns skill points, which are spent in the menu and upgrade the abilities of survivors and demons.

If you find a survivor you really like and feel like you’re going to be using him for a long time, I recommend spending all your skill points on him to increase his chances of survival in subsequent games.

Pay attention to the target

Evil Dead: The Game matches are divided into different stages, each requiring a different approach. At the beginning you must look for the 3 pieces of the map and at this stage stealth is recommended, because you do not want to alarm the demon before time; then you must get the Necronomicon pages and the Kandarian dagger; after this you can fight the dark ones to get the Necronomicon and win.

Although in the early stages you may not have much trouble, it is important to remember your goal in the later stages. By the time you face the dark ones the Kandarian demon should be strong enough to conjure up traps and enemies constantly, so you could be distracted from the main objective of using the Kandarian dagger to cast a beam of light. In the last stage, make sure to defeat the enemies closest to the Necronomicon and forget about the ones that move away.

Consume the F Pink

At the end of each objective, the game rewards players with a few F Rosa, drinks that are used to increase the skills or abilities of our characters. With each of these drinks you can raise your resistance points, health, fear and more.

If you want to survive the later stages of the game it is essential that you get Pink F and increase your skills, otherwise the Kandarian demon will become too strong to defeat on your own or your character will be more easily exposed to fear.

Take advantage of campfires to reduce fear

Throughout the map there are countless campfires that can be lit using matches, which serve to reduce the level of fear in the characters. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a partner, if the fear meter starts to rise, it’s best to stop at one of these campfires to reduce the fear bar to zero before continuing on again.

take advantage of the vehicles

Although at the beginning of the game it is not recommended to use vehicles or shoot firearms, the thing changes in the middle of the game and it becomes valid to move in vehicles to reach the objectives faster. Once you get the Necronomicon pages or the Kandarian dagger the demon can tell what your next target is, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the vehicles from this point on.

These are all the tips for Evil Dead: The Game beginners that I can give, but I repeat that the most important of all is the first. Evil Dead: The Game is a great game and I’m sure even non-fans of the series will enjoy it; is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PlayStation 5 and PC.