The feet absorb up to twice the weight of the body every day and on many occasions, we are not aware of it. When our feet hurt at the end of the day, or we feel a great relief when taking our shoes off, it is because they have suffered more than necessary, and this can trigger later problems.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of what actions can harm the feet more than they should, and how we should do to take care of them. In addition, it is always pleasant to show beautiful and manicured feet, as well as feeling them in shape.

If we want to give our feet the treatment they really deserve, it is very necessary to follow a series of tips that we describe below. Regardless, keep in mind that if your foot pain persists or is stronger than usual, the first thing you should do is go to a specialist. Perhaps the pain is a symptom of some injury or problem to treat.

How to help relax tired feet?

Natural methods to help calm the feeling of accumulated tiredness are not scientifically supported. This is because the remedies are small and popular tricks that do not directly affect the body. Despite this, they are relaxing and can help ease tension and pain. We develop them below.

Hot bath

The footbath is one of the most followed and satisfactory methods that exist. It is a popular relaxation method that is very comforting. To prepare the bath do the following:

  • Fill a container with hot water. Remember not to exceed the amount of water, it is not necessary to use more than the account.
  • Add two tablespoons of salt.
  • Finally, introduce your feet into the basin little by little.

The feeling of well-being and relaxation appears almost instantly. In addition, hot water will also help open the pores in the area and remove dead skin.

Lavender and cold water

This is a somewhat unknown method but it is also rewarding. To prepare it, we will only need two ingredients: water and dried lavender flowers (thyme or rosemary). You just have to take a container of cold water and add two handfuls of this plant. If you do not have lavender at that time, you can also serve thyme or rosemary.

This remedy is usually especially pleasant on hot days or when we feel very hot on our feet.

A massage

It is important to go to a specialist who knows how to massage your feet well if what you want is a massage that will really be applied to painful areas to treat them. Poorly touching a damaged muscle or area can backfire.

In addition, with a well-given massage, circulation will be reactivated, especially in the sole and on the toes.

Regardless, it is also possible to request a simple massage, simply to relax the feet, to anyone at home and thereby relieve pain and accumulated fatigue.

For this, it is possible to use refreshing gels or moisturizers to tone the skin of the same. Another option is vegetable oils, such as almond, coconut or argan. In addition, we can combine them with a few drops of essential oils (lavender, lemon, orange, mint, cinnamon, etc.).

Try applying these remedies on the feet and calm tiredness naturally. In any case, before using pharmacological treatments, always consult a specialist. These must-have always been indicated by a doctor.