Tips to buy in the Hot Sale safely and avoid fraud

Tips to buy in the Hot Sale safely and avoid fraud

Herbert Hernández, CEO of Encubeta Extendo -in charge of the purchase intention survey during the 2022 Hot Sale-, shared with Expansión tips so that the purchases you make do not become a headache.

Tips for buying months without interest

Interest-free months are a good option to generally purchase durable goods that cannot be afforded in one lump sum. However, if they are not used properly, they will cause problems to pay.

The first step is to define a budget and differentiate between the products and services you need and those you want.

“There are things you want, but don’t need, regardless of brand. It is important to differentiate from a purchase that I need and that is a large ticket, from something that I want to indulge myself; But if I do this with everything I like, I’m going to end up with a debt that will later be difficult for me to get out of,” Hernández said.

The first thing to do, he adds, is to buy the items you need and leave for later what you would like to have.

Another behavior that Herbert Hernández points out is that the months without interest are used to pay large bills, that is, durable goods such as screens, refrigerators, washing machines; and be totaleros with the “small” tickets.

The purchase intention for the ninth edition of the Hot Sale indicates that 57% will look for electronics, 50% fashion, 38% electrical appliances, 33% toys and video games and 23% cell phones.