Have you ever dreamed of being a youtuber? If so, don’t wait much longer and create your own channel to upload current content with Youtubers Life 2, the new life simulator that will take you to explore the city of fame and discover hidden stories with viral content.

With the recent launch of this installment and, if you have not played the previous one either, we bring you with this guide some tips and tricks in your first steps that will help you when you want to be an emerging superstar.

Tips and Tricks in Youtubers Life 2

Choose the neighborhood to live

At the beginning of your adventure, you are given a choice between three neighborhoods: Center, Port and Town Hall. Each one has its own characteristics and their environments change as do the neighbors that you may encounter.

  • Center: Technological neighborhood, the video game stores, PC components and its gym stand out.
  • Port: A neighborhood for relaxation, it is the most modern and its hairdresser, the beach restaurants and the exclusive club stand out.
  • City Hall: more traditional neighborhood. It stands out for the luxury of its shops and restaurant, the traveling fair and the Town Hall.

We recommend the port, since your house is located very near a restaurant, in case you run out of power, and also the subway to move faster through the city.

Youtubers Life 2

Mobility within the city

Going from one place to another can be a bit tedious, especially when they send you to do orders and you do not arrive on time. In Youtubers Life 2 you have the opportunity to move with some scooters and with the subway. The scooter is not available from the beginning, you have to pay for the license and take an exam from the town hall, it is worth 100 coins, while the metro gives you the possibility to move fast and for free.

Youtubers Life 2

Trends and content upload

To be a good youtuber, the most important thing is to be aware of daily trends and upload content that has to do with them. For example, there will be events, video games or places that may become important one day, so you just have to pay attention and create content about it. If, on the other hand, you forget, trends change daily and it is possible that, the next day, they are no longer worth it.

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Youtubers Life 2


Your character has a bar that is quite important, energy. This resource is your resistance and helps you to know if you can continue recording and uploading content or, on the contrary, you need to rest. To raise this bar you can do it in two ways: go to sleep, but you will change the day, or go to a restaurant to buy food. It is true that consuming energy is very common and it is important that you know how to manage it as well as possible.

Youtubers Life 2

The money

Money along with energy is quite an important resource, especially since you need this to enter events or buy video games that are fashionable. Save as much as you can at the beginning and try to complete many orders to get more money. In the guide on how to get money we explain it much better.

Youtubers Life 2

Make friends

In real life, friendships are important and in Youtubers Life 2 it was not going to be less. Throughout the city you meet various characters with whom you can interact and include in your contact list. You can build friendships, give gifts and even get married -With the latter, don’t worry because you can also get divorced. Becoming friends can also earn you subscribers and increase your popularity a lot more.

Youtubers Life 2

Learn the map

As we explained at the beginning, there are three neighborhoods. The fact is that each neighborhood has its respective stores and it is important that you remember where each store is and locate it, in this way, you do not have to continually open and close the map. However, in the absence of a minimap it is also essential when you go on a scooter and know by heart where to go.

Youtubers Life 2