One more week we dealt with the most outstanding news from the Apple world in Las Talks de Applesfera. And again we have to talk about a very special topic: time capsules. But first, we have time to catch up on competition, rumors, and official news.

A time capsule in Kuwait

We started the talk by talking about how the ARM competition is up for grapes. A year ago since Apple introduced the M1 chip and Qualcomm just announced that they will have their answer in … 2023! It’s as if they decided to catch up with Apple by slowing down.

The truth is that it is not easy to face what Apple has on the table. If they continue executing his plan as before, the rest of the manufacturers will not have it easy at all. Because in 2023 we should already have the M2 Pro and M2 Max, if we assume that Apple is going to have a two-year cycle. We do not forget our Black Friday 2021, mentioning the best iPhone deals, best iPad deals and more.

As for the news, Apple surprised us with the announcement of an iPhone repair program from home. Although in appearance it is a 180 degree turn, the reality is that the company had been working on it for years. This initiative will put an end to the demands of the lobby of the right to repair, although we have yet to see the fine print.


We continue with a Bloomberg rumor that places the Apple Car in 2025. Frankly, lwe’ve been talking so long of this that it is difficult to see beyond a skein of disjointed rumors. And we end up with the time capsule of an abandoned Apple store in Kuwait almost thirty years ago. For this reason, we go back in time to the Applesfera archive, where we came across what the Apple world was like 15 years ago.

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The MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo, the iPod shuffle 2, the arrival of the blu-ray that never materialized or the iPhone designed by a reader are some of the news in our newspaper library that take us back in time.

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