TikTok surpasses Google as the most popular domain on the internet

TikTok surpasses Google as the most popular domain on the internet

TikTok, the popular short video app, is not only the most downloaded app in the world, It is also the most popular domain on the internet. According to data from CloudFare, TikTok.com has been the address with the highest traffic of 2021, surpassing, even Google.com (and all the services that this domain encompasses) or Facebook.

The platform developed by ByteDance debuted in the list of the 10 most popular domains in 2020. It was positioned, specifically, at number 7 and managed to beat addresses such as YouTube or Instagram. Without reaching, yes, Amazon or Netflix and much less, the great portal of the Mountain View company. The aforementioned source highlights that the domain began to occupy the top positions on specific days at the beginning of 2021. However, it was not until August of this year when began to take the lead permanently to Facebook or Google.

CloudFare, in fact, highlights that in days where Google.com is often a dominant domain, TikTok took the lead. Among them, the holiday of Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Beyond TikTok, the ranking It also shows some differences in domain popularity from last year.

Most popular domains in 2021 vs. 2020

Most popular addresses in 2021Most popular addresses in 2020
1. TikTok.com1. Google.com
2. Google.com2. Facebook.com
3. Facebook.com3. Microsoft.com
4. Microsoft.com4. Apple.com
5. Apple.com5. Netflix.com
6. Amazon.com6. Amazon.com
7. Netflix.com7. TikTok.com
8. YouTube.com8. YouTube.com
9. Twitter.com9. Instagram.com
10. WhatsApp.com10. Twitter.com
According CloudFare.

Meanwhile, TikTok is also the most popular application worldwide and the one that has generated the most income during the year (not counting games), according to SensorTower. In the Google Play Store, however, the app ranks number 4, below Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. In the App Store, however, it ranks first.

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TikTok works on new features to consolidate its success

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

The video app, which this year has improved considerably with new functions, such as the possibility of creating content of up to 3 minutes in length or new features so that businesses can show their products in the app, has also been an important platform for the music market. Although it does not compete with Spotify or Apple Music, its incredible success has helped new and established artists join the social network with the aim of connecting with their fans and bringing their music to more users.

On the other hand, TikTok is also considering the possibility of competing against Twitch, one of the most important streaming platforms. ByteDance, in particular, is developing a desktop tool that will allow broadcast the content displayed on the screen (mainly games) directly to your live video. In this way, users will be able to watch the game or transmissions without having to access third-party platforms.