The characteristics of this elegant trophy for the Singles Championship, was erected last Saturday, September 11, by the British Emma Raducanu. This piece has a weight of 3.5 kilos and a height of 45 cm. After the last meeting where Fernández and Raducanu were measured, the winner wore Tiffany Victoria earrings, Tiffany T1 bracelet and ring and a Tiffany cross pendant.

Tiffany’s artisan style remains intact, as it is still carried out in the Cumberland, Rhode Island workshop. His techniques of spinning, goldsmithing, chiselling, hand engraving and polishing of this trophy, is a task that takes six months.

The front face bears the full name of the contest is inscribed on the piece, “The United States Open Tennis Championship“, although now we only know it as the US Open. On the back is inscribed the name of the champions of this white sport tournament.

Tiffany and her intimate relationship with the US Open

The triumph of this 2021 in such a young girl, with 18 years of age, shows the relevance of this sport in the new values. This conjunction of Tiffany elegance and luxury with this noble sport has been around since 1987 and aims to continue for much longer.