Tiendas Neto wastes praise from Ricardo Salinas; does not have twitter

Tiendas Neto wastes praise from Ricardo Salinas;  does not have twitter

Ricardo Salinas
proved a crucial point this Friday the first of July and is that it is more important than ever for a brand to have a presence on social media. The lesson was taken first hand Net Stores.

The influence that Ricardo Salinas It has an increasing scale in social networks and to this extent it becomes natural for the entrepreneur to expect to find other entrepreneurs and brands with a presence in these media.

A study found that brands can be loved with the help of social networks. NetBase was given the task in 2020, to drive the “Brand Passion Report” studywhere he rated which were the most loved brands on social networks.

The study found that Spotify, Instagram, YouTube and Amazon reached an index of 1,138, 108, 82 and 27 million Likes in the total number of posts analyzed. The power that brands have to interact with consumers has several cases that demonstrate the potential in it. To this study we will add the study of NetBase Solutions and on the other the case of Ricardo Salinas giving a unique opportunity to mention a brand, which has missed the opportunity to respond because it does not have a Twitter account.

The above means that the potential of social networks in a brand, the same serves to generate consumer sentiment towards them, as an opportunity to be promoted by Ricardo Salinas in a tweet from the billionaire.

Nowadays, the importance of social networks for a brand is such that the case of Net Stores transcendent, because lost an opportunity of more than a million followers that Ricardo Salinas has on Twitterof making social conversation, a profile that is part of a phenomenon described by various studies, which project the value of a complete social media marketing strategy, where it is said that communication promoted in networks has so much potential, that they have even been consolidated areas such as social commerce.

Followed Brands and Net Stores

If you are a brand and do not have a presence on social networks, you are ignoring the potential that American companies discovered, to build communities of followers around their accounts.

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AudienceProject He made an important list, where he qualified which were the social networks with the highest percentage of users, who take advantage of these media for, among other activities, following brand accounts. On Instagram, 36 percent do.within Twitter 35 percent is dedicated to it and on Pinterest, 24 percent also carry it out.

Neto stores and their social networks

Tiendas Neto does not operate with a Twitter account and we check it through its official website, where only LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook accounts appear. This exercise supports what was said by Ricardo Salinas, who regretted that the chain did not have an account to which he could write to them.

The AudienceProject study confirms that there is a 33 percent chance that, out of the total number of Twitter users, this percentage takes advantage of following brand accounts while browsing the net. One person from that percentage could be Ricardo Salinas giving a compliment that ends up dead letter when you don’t have an account on this platform with which to reply.

A second study that demonstrates the above is the one we refer to from NetBase where the firm reached an important conclusion and discovered that brands can be loved on social networks. That is to say, there is no argument that dissuades a brand from having a presence on these platforms, the challenge is knowing how to dose the presence and knowing which ones and how to do it.

There is a strong argument in this regard by Social Media Examinerwhere the platform found the main benefits of a social media marketing strategy.

When you know how to take advantage of this medium and each of its channels, 88 percent of those interviewed worldwide found an increase in brand exposure; 79 percent saw an increase in traffic and 69 percent saw an increase in leads.

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