Thousands of ants infest the Xbox of a sad player

Thousands of ants infest the Xbox of a sad player

Just the thought of having one ant infestation anywhere in your house is enough to send chills down your spine, but when it actually happens inside your console Xboxthat takes things to another level.

Unfortunately, that’s what reddit user DMOrange recently experienced, sharing a video of damage to his console on social media.

The owner of this Xbox One explained that he and his wife were unable to find out where the ants for weeks, but eventually discovered that it was from the console itself, and that the ants had made a nest inside it.

The damage was so severe that DMOrange noted that it attempted to disassemble the Xbox One and use an airboat to expel the antsbut found that these “spurted out of the optical drive” when he turned it upside down.

As you can imagine, many comments have offered possible solutions, but it seems that the redditor has given up on saving her. To be honest, we probably would have done the same thing.

We vacuum twice a week, now more. We clean our furniture and surfaces. We don’t leave food out. so we are very confused“said the sad player.