Those responsible for PUBG create a hyper-realistic “digital influencer” with Unreal Engine 5

Those responsible for PUBG create a hyper-realistic “digital influencer” with Unreal Engine 5

Every day that passes there are more and more video game companies that seek to broaden their business horizons and look for new sectors in which to achieve economic profitability. It is the case of the South Korean kraftonresponsible for PUBG or the highly anticipated The Callisto Protocol, which has now created a hyper-realistic “digital influencer” thanks to the cutting-edge technology offered by the engine Unreal Engine 5. so what bill The Verge portal, which indicates that Krafton seeks in this way to establish its Web3 ecosystem, closely related to the metaverse, NFTs and the blockchain, terms with which Krafton has already flirted in the past.

The digital influencer that you can see in the previous images she is called Ana and Krafton intends to make her a celebrity on the networks: “we hope that she will attract interest and popularity among Generation Z all over the world”, explained Josh Seokjin Shin, director of the creative center of Krafton. “Ana will launch a original song and will expand his scope of activity as an influencer in various areas of entertainment and in the eSports”, ends the statement of the South Korean company. As The Verge reminds, the concept of digital influencer is not new and there are already several companies that have created their own virtual figure to become a benchmark.

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Krafton points out that Anne will have a “unique narrative arc”, but for now it is impossible to determine if it will end up being part of the video games of the company based in South Korea in one way or another. What we do know is that his most anticipated game, The Callisto Protocol Developed by Striking Distance, it will arrive in December of this year on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and other platforms, free of hyper-realistic digital influencers.

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