Home Gaming Thomas Haden Church to star in Twisted Metal series

Thomas Haden Church to star in Twisted Metal series

Thomas Haden Church to star in Twisted Metal series

Follow the pre-production of the TV series of twisted metalinspired by the popular vehicle combat franchise exclusive to PlayStation consoles, as today it was confirmed that Thomas Haden Church will be one of the protagonists. The actor will play the Agent Stonea video game character who leads a patrol car.

In the early installments of Twisted Metal Agent Stone was a British secret agent (similar to James Bond) driving an exotic car, but in Twisted Metal Black he became a retired American SWAT driver driving the vehicle. outlaw, which throughout the series has been a patrol and in that specific installment it is a Jeep. Thomas is expected to perform a version similar to this.

Church plays Agent Stone, a cold and uncompromising post-apocalyptic patrolman who rules the roads with a silver tongue and a twisted iron fist, prosecuting even the smallest crimes with the harshest punishments. Agent Stone will stop at nothing to bring law and order back to the Divided States of America, and he will kill anyone who stands in his way and challenges his might.”

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It had previously been announced that Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson in the MCU) and stephanie breatriz (Rosa Díaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine) will star in the Twisted Metal series, both in original characters. Mackie will be a John Doe with great driving skills, who is dedicated to carrying supplies from one settlement to another, crossing a dangerous apocalyptic world; while Beatriz is Quiet, a car thief.

The Twisted Metal TV series will feature a original story made by the writers of the Deadpool movies, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, with Michael Jonathan Smith as Showrunner. It was also confirmed that the series will be an action comedy with half-hour episodes.

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There is no premiere date yet for the Twisted Metal series, but Kitao Sakurai is confirmed to direct multiple episodes. Also, the executive producers of the project are Smith, Reese, Wernick, Will Arnett, Marc Forman, Jason Spire, Peter Principato, Asad Qizilbash, Carter Swan and Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios.

Source: THR.