This Xiaomi router is just what you need if you have an iPhone 12 or a PS5, and it costs only 50 euros

This Xiaomi router is just what you need if you have an iPhone 12 or a PS5, and it costs only 50 euros

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More and more devices have WiFi 6, a new standard that significantly improves Internet connection. If you don’t have a compatible router yet, there is one from Xiaomi for sale on Amazon.

Although until not long ago there were not many mobile phones or laptops with WiFi 6, this has changed a lot in the last 12 months, especially with the launch of the iPhone 12 and the PlayStation 5, which right now are the two devices that equip of more importance.

This standard requires a compatible router first, and there are many at a good price. One of them, of course, is from Xiaomi, which already sells several of its routers in our country. We are talking about the Mi Router AX1800, whose price on Amazon is only 50 euros.

Router compatible with Redmi’s WiFi 6 networks and with a quad-core processor, compatible with mesh networks and for Internet of Things devices.

It’s a good bargain, although there are other somewhat more affordable models, such as the Huawei AX3 (39 euros), although there are variations for power, bandwidth and reach that are worth considering.

What is an advantage is that the shipping is free, and from Spain. By exceeding 29 euros in price, Amazon assumes all expenses, even if you are not a user of Amazon primeAlthough if you are, your order will arrive much faster.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800 include smart WiFi, which automatically assigns all devices a frequency (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) depending on which is the most appropriate at all times.

Not only that but it can even work as WiFi Mesh, that is, in mesh. For this you will need several routers, although it is highly recommended if you have to cover a large area with a continuous WiFi network.

However, the main advantage of WiFi 6 is that it improves the stability and speed of the signal in very saturated environments, something that already happens in almost any house. There are dozens of overlapping networks, with many devices connected to all of them at the same time, and that makes the response time of the Internet go from bad to worse.

With WiFi 6, this should not happen, hence it is especially advisable to jump to a compatible router if you already have a Smart Home or are thinking of mounting one, especially if you have a device as important as the one. Playstation 5.

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