If you are a fan of Dragon Ball and Stranger Things, the illustration created by Dragon Bof is perfect for you. Like other fan arts in the franchise, this one combines some of the classic characters with a new concept. In this case,what our classic protagonists would look like in the world of Stranger Things?

Titled Stranger Balls, this artist takes Pan, Bulma, Uub and other characters to an interesting Dragon Ball crossover.. In this case, little Pan, daughter of Gohan and Videl, becomes Eleven, the girl with supernatural powers capable of using Telekinesis and other abilities against the Demogorgon.

Surely, this type of illustration would be perfect in your room or office. In fact, Dragon Bof sells this complete poster of Dragon Ball and Stranger Things for € 13.95 in its official etsy store.

In fact, This is not the first time that Dragon Bof publishes a perfect illustration to have in your room, office or wherever you like. In addition to this image, he has published another crossover of Dragon Ball with Pokémon, in which Gohan wants to become a Pokémon master.

As with Stranger Balls, this item has also become one of the icons of his work. Finally, if you are interested in commissioning a work from these or any other saga, do not hesitate to comment, as he is taking into consideration the comments for future artistic projects. Also, you have open commissions for specific jobs.

Who is Pan from Dragon Ball?

Perhaps, you are wondering who is the little girl that appears in the Dragon Bof fan art, that unlike other characters such as Androids, Cell or Dr. Gero, Pan appeared until the end of the classic saga. In fact, its most important arc happens in Dragon Ball Gt, which is now no longer within the canon of the franchiseShe is the daughter of Videl and Gohan, her paternal grandparents being Goku and Chi-Chi (or Milk, in Latin America) and her maternal grandfather is Mr. Satan.

Pan’s heritage is mostly Earthbound, being the offspring of her father Gohan, a Saiyan hybrid, and her mother Videl, a human-type Earthling, making her 1/4 of the same race as Goku. Although in Dragon Ball GT he showed that he is capable of increasing his power like his grandfather and father.

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On the other hand, In episode 21 of the spin-off Dragon Ball Heroes, Pan appears alongside Trunks before Goku, Gohan and company as a Xeno version within the Time Patrol forces.. So this version of the future is unrecognizable to his relatives, so they decide to ignore his identity and continue with the story.

Faced with this indifference, there are those who have remembered a special letter that came to the same arcade game of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, in which Pan and Gohan (Xeno) appear completing the father / son kamehameha that Goku and Gohan made fashionable before Cell, so it will probably continue to be part of this spin-off:

In the current arc of Dragon Ball Super, the canonical series of this franchise, we see how our protagonist and Vegeta They are on their way to becoming the next deities of the destruction of their universe and their past.

Meanwhile, in the last chapters of Dragon Ball Super they have been directed to know the true past of Goku, our powerful warrior. Especially from Bardock, the father of our protagonist.

For its part, in the current arc of Dragon Ball Super, we are getting to know the life of the family of Goku and Granola, his current antagonist. Although, it seems that very soon they will have to join forces against a greater evil.

dragon ball fan art stranger things

If you are interested in being aware of the most recent chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga and of Goku’s path as one of the most powerful warriors in his universe, we recommend you to be aware of Manga Plus by Shueisha.

Surely, like Cell or Freeza who have returned in the recent chapters of this incredible saga, We may see Super Buu back. Although, we do not know if as a powerful and fearsome villain or as a great ally. For the sake of Goku and company, let’s hope he doesn’t go back to the side of evil.