Zack Snyder is preparing Rebel Moon, a Netflix project influenced by the Star Wars saga and Akira Kurosawa films.

Zack snyder is the new director of the moment. The release of the director’s cut The Justice League, as well as that of The Army of the Dead, made the filmmaker one of the most outstanding. Large production companies have sounded like suitors to take over their services. Lucasfilm Y Marvel studios They are two of the two who sought her out. However, Netflix It is one of the few that will manage to have it for several productions in a row.

The first work of the writer with the prestigious streaming platform was the aforementioned film about the zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas. Despite the divided criticism, for many, this was the door with which he returned to his essence, honoring his first work: Dawn of the Dead. And on the other hand, it allowed the producer to think about a whole related universe.

That said, after the film, the network considered making two prequels: The Army of Thieves Y Lost vegas. While the first is a live-action based on the character of Ludwig dieter, the other is an anime. Both will feature the production of the Snyder family.

However, this will not be the filmmaker’s last step with the entertainment catalog, but he signed for one more ambitious project. The title of the same will be Rebel moon, a science fiction and fantasy movie.

According to the specialized medium The Hollywood Reporter, the development of it will be given by the great love that the creative has for Star wars and the pieces of Akira Kurosawa. Initially this was a job for the galactic saga but it did not materialize.

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So the studio took advantage of the idea and, with some adaptations, gave it the green light to be an independent creation.

“This is me growing up as a fan of Akira Kurosawa, a fan of Star wars It is my love for science fiction and a giant adventure. My hope is that this too becomes massive intellectual property and a buildable universe. He has spent the last two or three years building this universe. ” Every corner has to be painted. I’ve been making designs, constantly drawing, and really cultivating its fertile ground to make this world come true ”; affirmed the audiovisual creator.

Finally, he is also performing writing duties together with two screenwriters who have been with him before. Kurt johnstad (300) Y Shay hatten (Army of the dead) will be your support. There is still no release date, or confirmed start of filming.