Just as we were promised yesterday, the new system anti-cheat for Call of duty has already been officially revealed and is named Ricochet. It is a new initiative by Activision with which they seek to end hackers completely, and here we explain how it works.

Basically, it consists of an anti-cheat system that seeks to improve security on the servers. To do this, it will make use of a kernel that will check what applications and hardware come into contact with Call of Duty: Warzone, and in this way, they will detect any type of trap.

Ricochet it will be an indispensable tool when downloading Warzone or Vanguard, that is, you must install it yes or yes. But calm, what Activision promises that it will not interfere with your privacy since Ricochet you will only be monitoring the applications that interact with Call of Duty, that is, it will not always be active and once you close the game, this system will also close. Likewise, it will only be required for users who play on PC.

The bad news is that Activision They still do not give a date when they will implement this new system, however, they mentioned that it will first be available in Warzone and later it will come to Vanguard.


Editor’s note: Definitely this system anti-cheat is a step in the right direction to prevent other cheaters from ruining the gaming experience for other users. Exactly how effective it will be is yet to be known, but hopefully there will be noticeable changes.

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Source: Activision

This will be the new Call of Duty anti-cheat system

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